What Are the Functions, Uses, and Prices of the Combined Chaff Cutter and Grain Grinder?

The Difference Between a Chaff Cutter and a Combined Chaff Cutter and Grinder

First of all, we should know the difference between a chaff cutter and a combined chaff cutter and grinder. It can also be understood literally that the function of the chaff cutter is relatively simple, and it is a machine specially used for cutting grass. In other words, it is a kind of equipment for cutting straw and stalk. The combined chaff cutter and grinder is a kind of equipment that can smash grass and crush grains. Two feed inlets, one is for crop straw, the other is for corn, soybeans, and other grains.


Chaff Cutter
Chaff Cutter
Combine Chaff Cutter And Grinder Machine
Combine Chaff Cutter And Grinder Machine

The Function of Straw Cutting Machine and Grain Crusher

In the process of raising livestock on a scale, farmers often use a variety of machines such as grass cutting machines, rubbing machines silk kneaders, shredders, feed pellet machines, etc. The multifunction chaff cutter and grinder integrated cutting grass, kneading, and grinding. Three functions are achieved in one machine.

The Uses of Straw Cutter Machine and Grain Crusher

First of all, this machine can cut various crop stalks, such as corn stalks, wheat stalks, rice straw, alfalfa, sorghum stalks, and so on. Some crop stalks are too long to feed directly to livestock. They are not palatable and can easily cause waste. You can need this machine to cut them into small segments. The kneading function is suitable for the processing of forage grass such as corn stalks, rice straw, wheatgrass, peanut seedlings, weed branches, etc. The processed forage grass is silky, with a soft texture, good palatability, high feed intake, and easy digestion,which is the better feed for raising livestock. At the same time, it reduces the waste of raw materials and improves the feed conversion rate. The crushing function is that we often used one, such as crushing various straws into grass powder and adding nutrients needed by other livestock to the grass powder to make nutritious grass powder. Also, it can grind and crush corn kernels, soybeans, sweet potatoes, potatoes, etc, and then add mineral elements such as salt and bone meal and various vitamins, which can be processed into concentrated feed for livestock. It is worth noting that many animals are ruminants, and the feed cannot be crushed too finely, which is not conducive to rumination. The finished material of this straw pulverizer can control according to the size of the sieve inside, which can be adjusted by changing the sieve screen. To sum up, the chaff cutter and grinder machine can not only cut but also knead, and also has a crushing function. The farmers can operate according to their specific needs when they use it. For example, If it’s just cutting grass, remove the screen in the machine cabin so that the processed material is in small segments. If the screen is not taken out, the processed material may be like sawdust or finer. Remember, a screen must be installed when crushed corn and other grains. Otherwise, the crushing function will not be realized. The operation method is also simple.

Chaff Cutter Model and Price

The price of the chaff cutter and grain crushing machine is not fixed. Because there are three types of our straw crushers and grinder in our factory, 9ZF-500B combine chaff cutter and grinder machine, 9ZF-1800 straw cutter machine and grain crusher, 9ZF-1200 chaff cutter and grain grinder. Their output and structure are different, the price is also different. Generally, it ranges from several thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars according to the characteristics of the machine. When the scale of breeding and the efficiency of use are different, the machines used are also different. You can tell us your needs and we recommend machines for you.

Three Types Chaff Cutter And Grinder
Three Types Chaff Cutter And Grinder

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    (Combined Chaff Cutter and Grain Grinder)

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