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The walking tractor machine itself is also very versatile, which plays a positive role in the high yield and efficiency of agricultural production. In recent years, simplicity walking tractors have been popular in various countries, and all of them are used for farming. With the needs of customers and the renewal of the international market, we are constantly updating walking tractors. Why does the walking tractor have such good popularity? After investigating our old customers in Africa, to sum up, there are mainly the following factors.

Social Development

One is the need for social development. With the acceleration of urbanization and industrialization, the production and living conditions of farmers have been greatly improved. The traditional methods of animal farming and land preparation cultivation cannot meet the needs of farmers. They need a machine with high efficiency and easy operation, and the walking tractors just have these advantages. So more and more farmers choose it.

Adapt to Family Purchases

The second is to adapt to family purchases. The price of a walking tractor is low, and one needs about $1,000. Excluding the purchase subsidy, you can buy a walking tractor for a small amount of money. The working efficiency of walking tractors is 8 times that of cattle, and it is small in size. It is easy to store and keep in the agriculture slack period, and farmers naturally like it.

Need for Schistosomiasis Control

The third is the need for schistosomiasis control. In schistosomiasis control areas, farm cattle are infected with schistosomiasis while eating grass, and then the source of the disease is brought into human production and living areas. This is a difficult point in schistosomiasis control work. Farmers realize this and would rather buy machines than cattle. They use machines instead of cattle, which are efficient and safe.

Herding Cattle Consume Manpower

The fourth is that herding cattle consumes manpower, and the machine only needs one person to work. The universality of tractors has accelerated the replacement of cattle with machines.


The fifth is functionality. A walking tractor with different farm tools can be used for ploughing, rotary tillage, rotary field, ditching, sowing, transportation, and other operations. It can also be used as a driving force for fixed operations such as drainage and irrigation, sprinkling irrigation, threshing, grinding, and feed processing.

As long as agriculture does not decline, walking tractors will always be farmers’ rigid needs and good helpers. This year, we sold many walking tractors to Kenya, the Philippines, Jamaica, Morocco, and other countries. The foreign trade orders for walking tractors are in short supply. Although walking tractors are not expensive, we must also understand how to repair and maintain them. So I will share an article about common faults and maintenance of walking tractors.