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Different hemp crops have different stripping processes and different types of implements. The jute and kenaf are peeled off with a peeling machine, and after being tanning, the hemp fiber is washed with a washing machine.

A simple stripping tool refers to a tool that is peeled or scraped by humans. For example, the stripping board used for jute and kenaf peeling is to use the U-shaped notch of the board end to twist the hemp bone and peel off the hemp skin; the double-knife scraper is equipped with two sets of movable blades which are bilaterally symmetrical on the wooden frame. And fixed blade for scraping ramie fresh skin, obtaining raw hemp or crude fiber.
Kenaf Decorticator3
Kenaf decorticator machine: the stripping part is a rotating drum with a number of angle steel plates. It has a feeding type, manual pull-back type and automatic back-pull type. It is characterized by continuous feeding of hemp, low labor and high work efficiency, but poor quality of peeling and anesthesia, leaving a piece of skin that has not been scrapped. The human anti-pull stripping machine has a roller, one side is equipped with a pressure plate with a pressure spring, or other stripping aids, the operator feeds the hemp or the hemp into the gap between the drum and the pressure plate, and the continuous scraping by the board Strike and squeeze, the bones and the shells are broken into pieces, and the fibers are separated and thrown. The fibers are pulled backwards by human force, and then the head is fed to the other end. The structure is simple, the quality of stripping is good, but the work efficiency is low and the labor intensity is large.

The structure of the bone-bone peeling machine is similar to the one-feed ramie stripping machine.

The stalk is fed from the feeding hopper through a pair of relatively rotating press rolls into the engagement zone of a pair of stripping rollers, the numb bone is broken and separated from the hemp, and the numb falls on the conveyor belt for output. Its peeling efficiency is high, but the bones are broken and not convenient for storage. The kenaf decorticator is modeled after the manual operation process, and the mechanism is complicated and the work efficiency is low.