Use the silage maker machine for environmental protection and economy

Silage maker machine is necessary equipment for feed storage. A silage baler is a machine that can bale all kinds of crushed forage into bundles using film and net. In general, we should process the forage into small pieces by using a chaff cutter before baling. This is because the crushed forage is easier to bale. These treated forages are compacted into round bales by the silage maker machine.

We have two different models, they can bale bales of 70*70cm and 55*52cm size respectively. The bales are space-saving, easy to transport, and improve the nutrition of the forage. And next, let me explain the reasons for using baling and wrapping machines for environmental protection and the economy.

Silage Maker Machine
Silage Maker Machine

Silage wrappers reduce the floor space

The silage maker machine has high efficiency and high density. So it is suitable for extrusion baling of corn straw, wheat straw, rice straw, and forage. This can greatly reduce the storage area and reduce the possibility of fire.

Silage Balers
Silage Balers

Silage baler is good for transportation and storage

Forage bundles also improve the transportation capacity. And this meets the national regulations that orange grass must be baled and shipped in road transportation. Therefore, the corn silage baler machine is the indispensable and preferred equipment for the livestock industry, paper industry, and rural straw transformation of raw material energy.

The working principle of the baling and wrapping machine is to pick up and bale various crops. After we start the machine and the crop reaches a certain density. The inert roller above the active bin and the signal wheel will turn evenly. Then the machine starts baling, followed by automatic cutting of the twine. Finally, the baled silage is easy to store and transport.

Use the corn silage baler to reduce pollution and increase income

The advantage of the bale wrapping machine is to prevent environmental pollution caused by farmers burning straw and increases farmers’ income. This is because the baled bales are easy to sell, and the price per ton of grass is about 450-900 yuan. The silage maker machine handles up without polluting the environment, packing properly, small volume, high density, easy to transport, and commercialization.

High nutritional value of forage after baling

The forage after baling has a long shelf life and improves the nutritional value of the feed. And has an aromatic smell. High crude protein content, low crude fiber content, and high digestibility. Good palatability, high feeding rate, and utilization rate of livestock can reach 100%. At the same time no waste mold loss, fluid loss, and feeding loss are greatly reduced. This ensures a balanced supply and year-round use of modern livestock silage for small, medium, and large dairy farms, beef cattle farms, goat farms, etc.

Silage Baler Machine
Silage Baler Machine

Our company has many high-quality silage maker machines, if you have a need, please feel free to contact us.

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