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Good news! Earlier this year, two of our vegetable seedling transplanters were successfully shipped again.

Onion Seed Transplanter
Onion Seed Transplanter

Customer’s background and demand

The Moroccan customer is an old customer of our company, specializing in onion planting. As he purchased our nursery tray seeding machine before, he was satisfied with the performance and service quality of the machine.

This time, he needs two vegetable transplanters(Peony transplanter machine | cucumber vegetable transplanting) with different rows to meet the planting needs of different farmlands.

Desired effect of vegetable seedling transplanter

When purchasing the transplanting machine, the customer clearly defined his expectations for the transplanting results, hoping that the machine could efficiently and accurately transplant seedlings into the farmland to ensure the neat alignment of onions, and to improve the consistency of growth and yield.

After receiving the customer’s demand, our factory acted quickly and manufactured one two-row and one three-row transplanter according to the customer’s requirements. The exquisite craftsmanship and excellent materials ensure the efficient and stable operation of the machines.

Vegetable Seedling Transplanter
Vegetable Seedling Transplanter

Shipment and customer feedback

After the completion of manufacturing in the factory, the two vegetable seedling transplanters were quickly sent to Morocco through a smooth logistics route.

After receiving the machines, the customer expressed his satisfaction with our efficient production and prompt delivery service.

He pointed out that this machine purchasing experience once again proved our company’s professionalism and reliability in the field of agricultural machinery.

Expectations for the machine

The customer emphasized the good experience of purchasing the nursery seedling machine before, and believed that our machine is stable and durable, and can meet the needs of his agricultural production for many years.

In the future, he will also consider purchasing other agricultural machinery and equipment and plans to further optimize the agricultural production process with the help of our company to enhance economic benefits.