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In the past, in order to save money and effort, people always buy a large bag of rice when they are in the autumn harvest, and when they are discounted, they will pick it up at home and use it for easy use. The rice has been put on for a long time, and the food is like chewing wax. Large, new rice will become Chen rice after a long time, and even moldy, insects, the damage to the human body is extremely serious.
Putting the new rice into Chenmi, there is no taste at all. Yang Mengyu, who lives in Haidian District, often suffers from this. “Every time you buy a new rice, you must get at least 50 pounds and 100 kilograms. Our family of three can only eat about 5 pounds a month. Especially to In the last month or two, my husband and son did not like to eat rice, and killed me.”
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Experts pointed out that in general, although Chen Mi can be eaten, its nutritional composition is similar to zero. When eating rice, you can wash the rice several times during cooking. When you cook it, put some jujube peanuts and the like inside, which can make the taste sweeter. If it is the rice that has been spoiled, the most Throw it away sooner.

High-quality life must eat “fresh” and “live” rice. Wang Guifu, who lives in Haidian District, also said that instead of eating cheap rice, I prefer to choose “fresh” and “live” rice, no matter what the future, at least me. It is now possible to let your family live a high quality life. He revealed that he had been going to the rice mill’s processing plant to buy rice, and he bought all the rice that was being crushed.