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Please read carefully the following brief instructions and follow these rules to avoid danger!

Note 1. Before using the grass cutting machine, the operator should carefully read the instruction manual, understand the structure of the machine, and be familiar with its performance and operation methods.

Note 2. The power must be selected according to the machine’s signage, and the spindle speed is not allowed to increase.

Note 3. The working place should be spacious and ventilated and has available extinguisher

Note 4. chaff cutter machine should be adjusted and maintained according to the instruction manual before using.

At the same time, the operator should check the rotating parts, fasteners and hinge pins to prevent loosening, which can avoid accidents. After ensuring the safety of users, the machine can be started up, normally, chaff cutter should idle for 2 minutes to 3 minutes.

Note 5. When the machine is in operation, it is forbidden to stand in front of the grass outlet to prevent the flying object from injuring the user.

Chaff Cutter 10

Note 6. It is strictly forbidden to stand on the feeding chain to avoid accidents

Note 7. The operator should wear tight clothes. Women should wear a cap and place their hair in the cap. The assistants should follow the instructions of the operators, and coordinate and cooperate together to ensure safe operation.

Note 8. All wiring must comply with the regulations of the power department. Wiring must be performed by a professional electrician with an operation certificate. In addition, the power supply, watt-hour meter and wire capacity should be considered.

Chaff Cutter 9

Note 9. Do not adjust during the operation of the grass cutter. It should be conducted without danger when the grass sample is taken out. The non-operator should be away from the cutting grass machine and the power supply. The power must be cut off during inspection and maintenance. The protective cover can be removed when the cutting wet grass machine is stopped and should be installed immediately after the inspection and repair.

Note 10. If abnormal noise occurs during work, the operator should stop to inspect immediately. It is strictly forbidden to eliminate the fault and clean the machine

Note 11. chaff cutter for sale needs to idle for 1min~2min after finishing, and all impurities inside the machine should be removed

Note 12. When the machine is in use, it must be equipped with a good grounding protection device to avoid electric shock.

Note 13. In order to prevent injury, the hand must not touch the feeding roller and the inside of the cutting grass machine while the machine is running.

Note 14.When turning on the power, the direction of rotation should be as same as the specified direction on the machine (arrow). Reverse rotation is prohibited.

Note 15. When the grass cutting machine is running, the exposed rotating parts such as belt pulleys must be equipped with a protective device that can not be opened or disassembled

Note 16. The operator should use hammers or screens approved by the manufacturer. When replacing hammers or screens, you must first stop the power supply.

Chaff Cutter 8

Note 17. The machine cannot work in the open air during rain or snow.

Note 18. The chaff cutter for sale should match with an overload protection device in the case of burning out the motor.

Note 19. Before the machine is working, the operator should check the rotor carefully. If the hinge pin, hammer or cotter are extremely worn, the user should replace it immediately to avoid serious damage to the machine and personal accidents.

Note 20. In order to prevent accidents, you can not drop irons, stones or other metal objects into the feeding roller. High-strength magnets must be installed on the feeding inlet to prevent metal debris from entering the chaff cutter.

Note 21. People who are under the age of 16 or above 55, drunk and has mental problems cannot operate the grass cutting machine

Note 22. When using, bearing temperature cannot exceed 25 ° C. Overheating should be stopped immediately so as not to burn out the bearing, spindle and other parts.

Chaff Cutter 7

Note 23.when the fan impeller is seriously worn due to long-term use, the new one should be replaced in time instead of welding, otherwise, the machine will be unbalanced to damage other parts.

Note 24.grass cutter machine can not be used to process corrosive raw materials to prevent accidents.

Note 25. After using, the inside of the grass cutting machine must be cleaned to avoid rust and screen clogging