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For most farmers, it is easy to use a grass cutter, but they all feel confused if there is something wrong. Today I list some common malfunctions and the related solutions for you. I hope the following chart can help you when using grass cutting machine.

Chaff Cutter

Common malfunction and related solution of grass cutting machine

common malfunction Reason Solution
raw material is blocked or

Overload shutdown

Put excessive grass or place them unevenly 1.take out the grass

2.reduce the amount of grass

3. Put grass into inlet evenly

Abnormal sound in the crushing part

Abnormal sound in crushing part

screw is loose  tighten the bolt
metal or stone are in the machine  stop machine to clean the hard objects

Stop machine to clean the hard object

 spare parts fall off or have been damaged Stop machine to check machine and replace spare parts
Cotter is broken and hammer is moving Change the cotter
violent shake  of machine


 The hammer is installed incorrectly Reinstall according to the arrangement
The weight deviation of the two sets of hammers is excessive weight deviation of the two sets of hammers does not exceed 5g.
Individual hammers are not locked making the hammers flexible
some rotors are unbalanced or worn out  Balance other spare parts or replace


Spindle has been bent Straightening spindle or replacing


Bearing is damaged  Replace the bearing
anchor bolts tighten anchor bolts


The split pin is damaged and the hammer is axially moved  Replace the split pin.



Machine is inflexible

 Rotating parts entangled grass stop grass cutter to clean
Bearing  is damaged  Replace the bearing


 Lack of lubricating oil Add  lubricating oil on time
Outlet is blocked V-belt is damaged or loosed replace or tension the V-belt


 crushing part is blocked remove the impurity

Bad crushing effect

 hammer and crushing device are damaged Replace hammer and crushing device
Low spindle speed Properly adjust the tension of the V-belt
 Bearing is overheating bearing is damage replace bearing
Too much or too little lubricating oil add proper lubricating oil
V belt is too tight Properly adjust the tension of the V-belt

Adjust V-belt to a proper tension

Spindle is bending or rotor is imbalanced Straighten or replace the spindle, balance the rotor
 Long-term overload work  Reduce  the amount of grass
V-belt is overheating Improper tightness of the V-belt Properly adjust the tension of V-belt
The belt pulley groove is worn or the surface is rough  Check and change belt pulley
The main pulley and the power pulley axis are not parallel, and the belt groove is not aligned.


The main pulley and the power pulley axis are parallel, and the belt groove is aligned.


You can send me an inquiry and ask more details if you are still confused about some malfunctions. We are happy to solve all the problems you meet!