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With the modernization of machinery in rural areas, large multi-function thresher have served as a good helper for farmers and have reduced a lot of work for farmers. Because the working environment of the large multi-function thresher is very harsh, it is necessary to educate the personnel involved in the operation in advance to understand the operating procedures and safety common sense, such as tight sleeves, masks and protective glasses.
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1.Flatten the four-foot pad of the large multi-function thresher to ensure a smooth and firm. To reduce vibration.
2.When using the motor as the power, be sure to check whether the power cord is firmly connected, tightly wrapped and installed with the ground wire.
3.Feed corn cob continuously and evenly, feed quantity should be appropriate. In case of intermittent feeding, production efficiency will be affected. If feeding amount is too large, the machine will be stuck and overworked, resulting in burning loss of motor and damage of equipment.
4.The water content of the threshed corn cob should not exceed 20%, and the water content is too high to achieve the normal threshing effect.
5.Before the end of the work, the corn cobs that have been put into operation will be completely cleaned and discharged, and then the load will be stopped.
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