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The hay baling machine can wrap the crushed hay, silage or grass into bundles that is applied to feed animals as forge. But how to store these bundles so as that they can be used for a long time?
If there is a time interval between production and use, it is necessary to store straw bundles processed by hay baling machine. According to the moisture and use of the straw, it can be divided into dry storage and wet storage. On the basis of storage environments, it can be divided into outdoor storage and indoor storage.

Store according to the moisture difference

Dry storage

Dry storage refers to the natural or artificial drying of the straw before storage. It can inhibit the growth of microorganisms and reduce the activity of cellulose degrading enzymes and bacteria by lower moisture content. However, if the crop straw is to be well preserved, the storing environment should be constantly dry to prevent the microorganisms from regaining their activity in a humid environment.

Wet storage

Wet storage refers to directly store the straw after harvesting from field, and usually it is stored in sealed cellars. For wet storage, straw is mainly stored at low pH (<4.5) and low oxygen concentration too avoid microbial degradation and dry matter loss.
When using dry storage, the environment must be dry and the storage conditions are severe. However, wet storage can inhibit microbial growth and reduce energy consumption. Wet storage does not require drying treatment, so it greatly improves efficiency and timeliness, reducing the risk of fire.
Store according to different environments

Outdoor storage

It is the easiest method to store the straw processed by the hay baling machine. The total moisture content should be less than 30% during long-term stacking. When the maximum stacking height reaches 8m and the storage time is less than 2 months, it can effectively avoid spontaneous combustion.
In order to prevent moisture, sometimes the bottom is erected with wood or bricks for 10 to 15 ㎝. When stacking, pay attention to fill in the middle to prevent empty inner side to trigger loose. Cover straw with rainproof cloth to prevent rain or from washing away.

Store according to different environment

Indoor storage

Generally, we use dry or ventilated warehouse. The moisture content of the straw can be controlled between 12% and 15%. The storage location must allow vehicles to enter. Under this environment, the straw has less loss, but the cost is high and the transportation is cumbersome. Besides, it requires irregular inspection and maintenance during the storage time.

In addition, a perfect storage location should have a good drainage system, no water accumulation, and it is easy parking. In addition, it it needs to be close to farms and roads with convenient water and electricity.
After wrapping by a processional hay baling machine, if you want store your straw bundles for a long time, it is necessary to know the above knowledge!