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Combined corn harvester can thresh corn kernels while harvesting the corn from the field. However, a lot of farmers are confused about why the corn can not be fully threshed, and today i will analyze the reason for you.

Corn Harvester
Corn Harvester

What’s the reason of corn harvester ?

  1. The moisture content of corn is too high, it is not easy to take off.
  2. The speed of the threshing drum is too low, the corn kernels can not be fully threshed.
  3. The ribs,concave plateare bent, or the concave plate is not parallel to the roller.check whether the clearance gap is too large.
  4. The forward speed is too fast.
  5. The gap between the concave strips,or the gap between the roller and the concave plate aretoo large.

How to avoid it caused by corn harvester according to the above malfunctions?

  1. You can reduce the moisture by peeling the corn husk and then dry it before harvesting. When itis lower than 30%, the threshing rate is high.
  2. At this time, you should increase the drum speed, and check the the tension of the V belt.

3.You should straighten or replace the corrugated bar and concave plate if necessary, and adjust the gap between the inlet and outlet of the concave plate on both sides of corn harvester.

  1. Reduce the forward speed.
  2. You should shorten the gap between them to improve the threshing ability.

In addition, you also can increase the gap between the roller and the concave plate. If too much impurities return to the threshing drum, you shall reduce the forward speed, clean the screen, and increase the fan speed.

What should i do if there are many broken corn kernels?

  1. Increase the gap between the roller and the concave plate.
  2. Reduce the drum speed.
  3. The sieve holes are blocked or filled by the corn cob, which should be thoroughly cleaned.
  4. Insufficient air volume. You should increase the fanspeed and check the tension of the fan belt.
  5. There is too much impurities in the machine. You should check the corn cutter part.
  6. Check the moisture content of the corn, and remove the blockages on the sieve surface.

Please contact us if your corn harvester has other problems that i don’t mention in this passage, and i am very happy to help you solve them out.