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China’s total annual grain output exceeds 600 million tons. However, during post-harvest processing, grains can not be dried under the sunshine due to the bad weather, which is easy cause loss. The loss accounts for 4.2% of the country’s total grain output. It is reported that the direct losses is more than 20 billion yuan. In addition, the mechanization level of grain drying machine for sale in developed countries such as Europe and the United States is above 90%. While the level of grain dryer in China is still very low, and there is huge room for improvement.

Government increases subsidies for grain drying machine for sale

The government has introduced a series of measures to explicitly open up subsidies for corn dryer. In 2016, many provinces and cities across the country increased their purchases of grain dryers. In 2016, the national sales of corn drying machine exceeded 20,000 units, increase by 60% over 2015.

The real case about grain dryer

In the summer of 2017, most areas of southern China suffered heavy rainfall and floods. It not only affected people’s normal lives, but also brought huge losses to agricultural production. If the freshly harvested rice cannot be dehydrated in time, it will cause irrecoverable losses. It was at this time that the grain drying machine for sale played a huge role. The emergence of it has changed the traditional practice of drying grain on the road, and it guarantees people’s travel safety to a certain extent.

Advantages of grain dryer

  1. The rice dryer is simple in structure, small in size, and it is easy to operate without any auxiliary equipment. Meanwhile, it is easy to transport and move.
  2. Using hot air as the drying medium and adopting the circulating drying process, the grain is heated evenly and fully, and the quality is good after drying.
  3. Grain dryer for sale uses coal, rice husks or straws as fuel. After burning, it is converted into clean hot air, which has no pollution to the dried grain.
  4. It can automatically control the working process.The operation is simple and labor-saving, which meets the needs of small and medium-sized farms.
  5. It is quipped with automatic online temperature measurement and humidity measurement device.
  6. Corn drying machine is easy to clean without mixed seeds inside  machine.