Agriculture machine 40 HQ sold to Zimbabwe Again

Zimbabwe customer’s first purchase

This customer is a distributor of agriculture machine in Zimbabwe. He has purchased our agriculture machine from us twice. The first time, the customer purchased 15 single-air cleaning multifunction threshers. After receiving the machines, the customer was very satisfied. Customers showed their machines locally, which was very popular with local farmers. Soon 15 threshers were sold out.

Zimbabwe customer’s second purchase

Due to the good quality of our machines and professional after-sales service, the customers trust us very much, so they made a second purchase from us. He bought more machines for the second time. Including 10 large fully automatic corn threshers. 4 peanut shelling machines. 43 multifunctional threshers with a single cleaning. 7 multi-function threshers with double air cleanings. In total, the customer purchased 64 machines from us for the second time, and we also extra gift a chaff cutter machine and a chaff cutter and crusher. All the machines are filled with a full 40 HQ.

Let’s take a look at machines bought by customers

corn thresher machine

The customer bought a 5TY-80A automatic corn thresher. The machine can be equipped with a 7.5kw motor or 15HP diesel engine. The customer in Zimbabwe bought a diesel engine model, so we also customized a diesel frame for the customer. The output of this machine is 4 per hour (Corn seeds).


Peanut sheller

The customer of the peanut sheller purchased by the customer is TBH-800. The machine can be equipped with a 3kw motor or 8hp diesel engine. The customer bought the diesel engine model, so we welded the diesel frame, the machine bracket, and the big tire to the customer. Very convenient to move and tow. The output of this model of machine is 600-800kg/h.


multifunctional thresher

Multi-function thresher customers purchased the single-channel multi-function thresher MT860-1 and the dual-channel multi-function thresher MT860-2. It can process sorghum, wheat, corn, bean, millet, pearl millet, etc. The machine can equip with electric motors, gasoline engines, and diesel engines. The customer bought the diesel engine model. His output is 1-2t/h, 3-4t/h.


Chaff cutter

The chaff cutter machine we sent is model 9z-0.4, which can equip with a gasoline engine and electric motor. The output is 400kg/h.

Chaff Cutter 9Z .04
Agriculture Machine 40 Hq Sold To Zimbabwe Again 19
Effect Of Chaff Cutter
Agriculture Machine 40 Hq Sold To Zimbabwe Again 20

Chaff cutter and crusher

The model of the chaff cutter and crusher is 500B. Its capacity is 1200kg/h. The machine can equip with electric motors and gasoline engines. In addition, we welded power frames for our customers.

Chaff Cutter And Crusher
Agriculture Machine 40 Hq Sold To Zimbabwe Again 21
Effect Of Chaff Cutter And Crusher
Agriculture Machine 40 Hq Sold To Zimbabwe Again 22

Packing and shipping

After the machine production is completed, we pack the corn thresher and peanut sheller machines in wooden boxes. We placed the small machines tightly on top of the wooden boxes. The entire container is full. When loading the goods, we have arranged special personnel to supervise the loading situation to avoid problems such as less loading, wrong loading, and omissions. We work hard in all aspects to allow customers to receive complete machines.

40 HQ thresher machine sold to Zimbabwe | Multifunctional thresher | Corn thresher | Peanut sheller

Why customers buy agriculture machine from us?

The reason why customers choose to trust us is that the quality of our machines is better, and the effect of the machines is better. For example, the threshing effect is very clean. When we were producing the second batch of machines for the customer, the customer had already received the order in Zimbabwe. It shows that our machines are still very popular in Africa.

Our professionalism, we are a professional provider of agriculture machine equipment. In addition to the thresher, we also have peanut shellers, hay baling machines, silage baler machines, etc. We can meet the needs of our customers.

There is also our perfect after-sales service, we will provide customers with a complete machine installation method, and how to use it.

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