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If you are a farmer to raise animals, i strongly recommend you to know more knowledge about the silage such as its features and principles. After being bundles by grass baling machine, it is not advisable to leave them for a long time, and you have to store them in a proper place so as that they won’t go moldy soon.

What ‘s the features of silage?

High quality silage has good palatability, high vitamin content, and high nutrition. However, the nitrogen utilization rate of silage is often lower than other feeds. The silage is the basic feed for herbivores, and its feeding amount generally does not exceed 30% -50% of the total intake.

What’s the principle of silage?

After being compacted and sealed, silage lacks oxygen inside. After the lactic acid bacteria ferment and decompose the sugars, the carbon dioxide further excludes the air. The secreted lactic acid makes the feed show weakly acidic, and the pH value is 3.5-4.2, which can effectively inhibit the growth of other microorganisms. Finally, lactic acid bacteria are also inhibited by the lactic acid produced by themselves, and the fermentation process is stopped. Finally, the feed can be stored stably.

What’s the requirement of silage?

The sugar content of silage raw materials should be high

Sugar content refers to the content of soluble carbohydrates in silage raw materials. It is the basic condition to ensure the large number of lactic acid bacteria to reproduce and form a sufficient amount of lactic acid. The sugar content in the silage raw materials should be at least 1% to 1.5% of the fresh weight.

Silage raw materials must contain proper moisture

Proper moisture is an important condition for normal microbial activity. Too low moisture affects the activity of microorganisms, causing large numbers of bacteria to multiply and making the feed moldy and rotten. Too much water and low sugar concentration can cause poor-quality feed.

At the same time, plant cell juice is lost, and nutrient loss is large. For feeds with too much water, you should dry them slightly or add dry feed to mix silage with them. When the water content of the silage raw material reaches 65-75%, it is the most suitable for the reproduction of lactic acid bacteria.

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