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The quality of multi-function thresher depends on the material used by the manufacturer. To everyone’s commitment, my company’s multi-purpose thresher selected every part is strictly tested.
Although the removal rate of the mace-type multifunctional thresher is very high, it is gradually eliminated because it cannot guarantee the integrity of the corn cob. The multi-functional thresher currently produced on the market all adopts the movable hammer rotor, which not only has the production efficiency. It has increased by 2-3 tons, and the net rate can reach over 98%. The corn without topping at the top of the corn ear can be very clean. This is the main reason why the hammerhead multi-function thresher is favored.
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For the multifunctional thresher, the threshing part is mainly used for threshing of corn ear after molting. In the course of use, it is necessary to strictly follow the operating rules and familiarize with the working principle of multifunctional thresher to avoid accidents. In order to carry out the threshing work efficiently. Yushchenko hydraulic equipment reminds everyone that the multi-function thresher should pay attention to the following points during its use:
1. The safety protection device should be in place.
2. Turn off the power when checking the machine.
3, often check the various components, if the safety hazards are found to be replaced and repaired in a timely manner.
4. The safety of the circuit is very important.
5. During the operation, the working status of the machine is discerned by sound.
6. The feeding should be continuous and uniform. The machine can not be stopped immediately at the end of the operation. The corn cob inside the machine should be drained before it can be shut down.
7. When a blockage occurs, it is necessary to stop the process and there is no chance of luck.
According to our understanding, many of the reasons for the accidents caused by the multi-function thresher are due to the fact that during the operation, when the corn card machine appeared, the farmers’ friends were lucky, and they reached into the material port without cutting off the power. A dangerous operation is the main cause of injury.