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Good news! Our commercial peanut shellers and multifunctional threshers helped a customer in Malawi to participate in a local government tender.

Reasons customer needs commercial peanut shellers

Our client is a company-based foreign middleman. They have a lot of experience in the field of agricultural trade and want to expand their business to participate in government tendering projects as well as cooperation with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). Therefore, he needs to buy commercial peanut shellers and corn thresher machines.

Commercial Peanut Sheller
Commercial Peanut Sheller

Automatic peanut sheller parameters

Commercial Peanut ShellerPeanut Sheller Machine
Model: TBH-800
Power:8hp diesel engine
Multifunctional Thresher MachineMultifunctional Thresher Machine
Model: MT-860
Power : 8hp diesel engine
peanut sheller for sale parameter

Customer successfully obtained supply contract of peanut seed sheller

We kept close communication with the customer during his participation in the bidding process. Within ten days after the opening of the tender, the customer successfully obtained the supply contract for the peanut seed sheller machine. After that, the customer immediately arranged the payment for the equipment.

Peanut Seed Sheller
Peanut Seed Sheller

Client’s payment method

The customer chose to pay by bank and paid a deposit of 2000 USD by Visa credit card. And we updated the PI according to the customer’s request. after the customer paid the deposit, we immediately started to prepare the incarnation of the groundnut sheller.

Automatic Peanut Shelle
Automatic Peanut Shelle