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Mechanized production of rice can greatly improve productivity, liberate a large number of labor, and achieve significant cost-effective effects, improving the economic benefits of farmers’ rice production. Rice mechanized rice transplanting is an important link in the mechanized production of rice. The quality of rice mechanized rice transplanting is directly related to the overall development of rice mechanized production. Therefore, we must attach great importance to the quality of mechanized rice transplanting. Let’s take a look at the following: Common faults and troubleshooting methods for rice transplanters.

First, the transplanter is difficult to start

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During the startup process, the rice transplanter may have difficulty starting or failing to start properly. The reasons may be: insufficient gasoline fuel; the spark plug is wet; the spark plug is weak and cannot be properly ignited; the fuel filter of the oil pipe is mixed with moisture or blocked. Remedy: First, add enough gasoline fuel, take the spark plug out to dry, then clean the carbon deposit in the spark plug gap, and adjust the spacing to keep the spark plug spacing between the normal range of 0.7 ~ 0.8 mm; , replace the spark plug; finally, remove and clean the fuel filter, etc.

Second, the transplanter cannot operate normally after starting

After the rice transplanter is started, if it fails to operate normally, it may be related to the fact that the rice transplanter is not in a good position, the clutch is disconnected or the joint is not flexible. It can be solved by cutting off the main clutch, re-operating and adjusting the shift lever, and appropriately adjusting the tension of the running belt and the corresponding cable.