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The corn grits grinding machine is a multifunctional corn processing equipment. It can process the complete corn kernels into three different forms of corn products. Big Corn Grits, Small Corn Grits, and Corn Flour. Since the size of the grits is different, the customer can adjust the machine to get different grits according to his needs. And our corn grits-making machines are available in five different models, each with a different function and output.

The corn grits grinding machines can be powered by electric motors or diesel engines. So, customers can choose the model and power they need according to their needs. Besides, we also have a corn threshing machine and a corn peeling machine. And customers can use the corn threshing machine and grits-making machine together, which will save more time and effort.

Our communication process about the corn grits grinding machine

Our customers contacted us through our YouTube channel. And our salesman contacted the customer via WhatsApp number immediately. The customer has a small grits workshop and had a grits grinder before. Now he wanted to buy new corn grit grinding machine. We presented all the machine models to the customer and he finally chose the T3 model. This model of grits machine is able to peel and make grits at the same time, and it has a dust removal system. So the machine works more efficiently and in a cleaner environment.

The customer needed 4-6mm grits, so we set up the machine in advance so that the customer could use it directly after receiving it. Since the customer has a freight forwarder in China, we deliver the machine directly to Yiwu.

Structure of T3 corn grits making machine

The corn grits making machine is a combined corn primary processing equipment, which consists of four major systems, such as peeling system, crushing system, grading system, and air net dust removal system. This machine solves the technical difficulties such as bogging down and slow discharge of miscellaneous corn processing machinery in history. And the machine has a special current display system so that the internal pressure of the machine studio and the peeling effect of the material can be seen at a glance.

In addition, this corn grits making machine has a new automatic adjustment system for the discharge so that the machine is always in the best working condition. So, it is the most advanced corn grain processing equipment in China.

Corn Grits Grinding Machine
Corn Grits Grinding Machine

Parameters of maize grits making machine

Power7.5 kw +4kw
Capacity300-400 kg/h
Size1400*2300*1300 mm
Weight680 kg
maize grits making machine parameter

How does the maize meal grinding machine work?

What are the advantages of the maize grits-making machine?

  1. Maize grits-making machine can clean, peel, remove embryo, remove root, remove black umbilicus, crush, take grits, classify and polish corn at one time with corn kernel as raw material.
  2. This corn grits-making machine can produce corn grits of different granularity and corn flour of different mesh sizes.
  3. The finished corn kernels are bright and clean, without umbilical cord, so they can go directly to the large supermarkets and wholesale grain and oil markets.
  4. In addition to that, the corn grits grinding machine has a dust removal system to clean and remove the dust, so that the product is bright and colorful with excellent taste.

The packaging and delivery of maize milling machine

We will make strict packaging for each exported product. Good packaging can protect the machine from moisture and bumps during long-distance transportation. Therefore, we use processed wooden boards for packaging to protect the machine to the maximum extent. Below is the packing and shipping pictures of the machine.