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Before looking at customer feedback, you should understand the functions, the advantages of the corn grits processing equipment. Many people in the world call the equipment corn grits making machine, maize grinding machine, corn grinding machine. Also, what should you know about buying the machine?

Functions of corn grits making machine

The corn grits processing equipment can also make flour or other different large, medium, and small corn grains while making grits. After the corn is peeled and degermed, a special embryo extraction, and grits extraction process is set up. And a small amount of corn embryo and corn grits, or a small number of corn grits are extracted at the same time. A large amount of germ and grit mixture is sent to the grinding process to obtain corn germs and cornflour. Corn grit processing equipment can meet people’s daily needs for corn products.

Corn deep-processing machinery can process corn into a variety of corn foods, including daily staple foods: corn grits, cornflour, and other large, medium, and small particles, as well as corn desserts, corn vegetarian foods, etc. These corn foods greatly satisfy people’s demand for food diversity.

Our model T1 and T3 maize processing equipment are ideal equipment for urban and rural, individual, large-scale food factories, and corn processing plants.

Corn grits processing equipment is a good helper for people to eat coarse grains and improve their lives. Maize processing equipment can process maize into corn flour, cornflour, corn grits, corn ballast, and other grains, which realize people’s desire to eat coarse grains.


Feedback from Filipino customers buying corn grits machine

The Filipino customer is a grain retailer. The customer bought a maize grinding machine to produce corn grits of different sizes and sold them to the market. After receiving the machine, the customer conducted a test machine. The customer said that the machine works well and the corn grits produced by the machine meet their market needs.

Advantages of maize grinding machine

The maize grinding machine is suitable for peeling corn, crushing corn grits, cornflour, about half a grain. The effects of corn peeling, root removal, and germ removal are significant, and the removal rate can reach more than 98%.

The machine combines the peeling system, grits smashing system, and grinding system together, and is driven by power. It not only saves floor space, is conducive to operation, but also saves manpower and reduces equipment investment. The processed corn ballast can be directly sold in large markets after further classification.

The problems that customers will encounter when the machine is in use

When the customer was testing the machine, he had doubts about the grinding speed. So when the customer is testing the machine, we can see that the customer puts the corn very slowly, and the customer is afraid that the machine will be blocked. The customer has contacted our engineer to solve the problem.

The second problem encountered by customers is that they don’t know how to adjust to switching between three different grain sizes of corn grits, which is actually very simple. Our business manager has contacted the customer and taught him how to use it.

In fact, the machine is very simple to use. If you have any questions, you can contact us immediately.

The information About buying a maize grinding machine

  1. About the price: The prices marked on our website are all reference prices. According to each customer’s demand for output, the models we recommend to customers are different, and the price is also different. I hope you contact us for the detailed price and mechanical parameters of each model when you order.
  2. Regarding freight: The price of our machine does not include transportation costs. Because customers from all over the world our business manager will give you the specific FOB price or CIF price as an accurate quotation.
  3. Regarding payment: After confirming the model, you can contact our business manager, and after negotiation, you can pay the deposit first, and then make up all the expenses when ship.
  4. About transportation: The arrival time is determined by your distance. Generally, the delivery will be done after the full amount is received (do not rule out the delay of arrival time caused by other irresistible factors, please understand). In order to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings, please be sure to inspect the goods before signing for a receipt after receiving the goods. If there is any damage or loss, please contact our customer service.