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How to properly use grits making machine? Your working efficiency will greatly be improved if you can follow the rules I mention in this blog.

Preparation before starting corn grinding machine

1.Firstly put the corn kernels into the small feeding hopper, then start the grits making machine.

2.Idle machine for half minute, and observe whether there are abnormal sound and vibration.

3.Pull out the inlet insert and adjust the crushing handle, and observe the corn size and adjust it to an appropriate level.

Grits Making Machine
Grits Making Machine

Grits making machine is working

  1. During the operation, you must always pay attention to whether the sound of the operation is normal. If not, you should immediately stop the corn grinding machine to check. When there is clogging, you should close the feeding plug in time to reduce the pressure of the discharge hole.
  2. When processing corn grits, corn flour is discharged at the back of corn grinding machine, and the fineness of cornflour can be changed to meet the customer’s requirements. The peeled corn kernel enters the grinder, and goes into the high-speed rotating grinding part under the action of the propeller. Under the rapid force of the dynamic grinding head, it squeezes the corn to get grits. The greater the pressure between the static grinding head and the dynamic grinding head is, the smaller the particle size of the finished grits will be.
  3. After using the grinder head for a period of time, the tooth angle begins to be blunt, which causes lower working efficiency. You need to replace it in time.

Precautions for peeling different grains

Corn peeling

Generally, we use wet peeling,and the moisture content of corn is required to reach 16-17%. Soak in water for about 10 minutes, and it can not be too long. It is strictly forbidden to have water on the surface of the corn when working.

Wheat peeling

The moisture content of wheat needs to reach 12-13%, and the soaking time is about 15 minutes. The pressure at the discharge port should not be too tight.

Rice peeling

Replace the sieve and adjust the outlet pressure.

When stopping the corn grinding machine

1.Before shutting down, you should first close the feeding board, cut off the power to stop machine after half minute.

  1. It is normal for the grinding head to make occasional impact sounds.

3.The user can adjust the stepless crushing handle to control the particle size of the finished grits.