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In a recent successful transaction, we are pleased to announce the shipment of a highly efficient groundnut harvester to Ghana, marking the re-opening of our relationship with an old customer.

Groundnut Harvester For Sale
Groundnut Harvester For Sale

For more information about the machine pictured above, you can click here: Peanut Harvesting Equipment丨Groundnut Harvesting Machine.

Background on the customer

This customer operates a large peanut plantation and is a regular customer of our company. Last year, he chose our peanut planter for the first time and achieved satisfactory results with it.

As an experienced agribusiness owner, he has a keen demand and deep understanding of agricultural machinery and equipment.

Demand for peanut machinery

As the peanut growth cycle progresses, the need for efficient and reliable harvesting tools comes to the fore. The customer made it clear that he needed a machine that could harvest peanuts quickly and cleanly as they matured.

He was so impressed with our peanut planter that he decided to choose our equipment again, this time for the harvesting segment needs.

Expectations for groundnut harvester

The decision to purchase this peanut harvester was based on trust in our equipment. The customer said that in the process of using our peanut planter, the performance of the equipment is stable, the maintenance cost is low and the operation is easy.

He expects the new groundnut harvester to continue this excellent performance, improve peanut harvesting efficiency, and reduce the labor intensity of workers.

Experience sharing and feedback

Before the delivery of our equipment, the customer had already learned in detail how to operate the groundnut harvester and the precautions to be taken through several video conferences. He acknowledged the online training service we provided and said it provided his staff with a better chance to get on the machine.

This customer spoke highly of our service and equipment quality. He thinks that our products are not only stable and reliable in performance, but also give full support in after-sales service, which is an important reason for him to choose to cooperate again.