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China ranks first in the world in terms of rice cultivation area and total rice production, and rice production occupies a very important position in China’s agricultural production. Among China’s primary grain crops, rice production technology is the most promiscuous, seasonal strongest and labor intensity is the largest, while rice cultivation is the most important link in rice production.

For many years, China has been dominated by artificial seedling planting, and broad farmers are urgently demanding to be liberated from this heavy manual labor. The products of rice transplanter produced and used in China can be divided into two types: one wheel riding, four-wheel riding and walking. During the production and sales volume of the single-wheel rice-transplanter and the largest holding capacity, the walking rice transplanter second, four-wheel rice-transplanter less.
8 Rows Rice Transplanter7Bagging Machine4
People cannot leave agricultural production, the use of agricultural machinery is also more and more extensive. When the rice transplanter is working, if the interpolation part of the machine is not working and there is continuous noise, the fault can be basically judged as the seedling needle hitting the seedling mouth. Still can’t solve the problem after adjusting.

Original machine hand changes all seedling needle, among them the small key on turning box and CAM keyway clearance is too big, insert planting arm free turn Angle is too big, although adjust seedling needle height correctly, still can happen seedling needle is in the job and take seedling top end to collide. Stop and turn off the fire, remove the crate from the crate box, check and remove all the debris from the crate mouth, and reload the original crake.