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Walking Tractor is a self-propelled power machine that used to pull and drive attachments to complete various mobile operations. So how much is a farm walking tractor on the market? What are the types? We learned from engineers in our factory that although walking tractors are a relatively complex machine, their types and sizes are also different, but they are composed of three parts: engine, chassis, and electrical equipment.

Every part is indispensable. And different models and sizes have different prices, such as a 12-hp walking tractor, an 18-hp walking tractor, and a small walking tractor. In addition, users who purchase walking tractors will definitely need different farm tools and attachments to complete the entire year of farm work. Therefore, farmers who need to purchase must also understand clearly.


What Types of Agricultural Tractors Are There?

  1. Walking tractor
  2. Wheeled tractor
  3. Crawler tractor
  4. Mechanical tillage boat
  5. Tillage machine
  6. Agricultural transport vehicle

Agricultural transport vehicles are short-distance transport vehicles suitable for use in various countries. Namely: a type of transport vehicle with structure and performance between tractor and automobile powered by diesel engine, small tonnage, low to medium speed, and low cost.

  1. Tractor supporting farm tools

A tractor is a self-propelled agricultural power machine that needs to be matched with various farm tools to complete the corresponding operations.

The functions of the sixth and seventh types of tractors can be realized with small walking tractors, so the price is much cheaper.

Walking-Tractor Transport
Walking-Tractor Transport

How to Buy a Cheap Walking Tractor?

The price of a walk-behind tractor ranges from US$1500 to US$2500, and the horsepower ranges from 6 to 16. Generally, the larger the model, the better its operability and the more expensive it is. The price of most accessories ranges from $80 to $200, although some tools cost more than this price.

The first is the choice of models. We have 12-hp walking tractors, 15-hp walking tractors, and 18-hp walking tractors. The price of tractors with different horsepower is different.

Second, the choice of other walking tractor attachments. The walking tractor is used for plowing the fields. You can buy other attachments such as double plows, trailers, etc. For your agricultural development, you need more than just a walking tractor.

The number of attachments will also determine the price. We have 6 different plowing accessories, in addition to rotary tillers, trailers of different capacities, mud wheels, and various planters, which avoids the problems of slow manual planting and low survival rate. In this way, the price of different attachments can be high and low.

If you want to buy a set of cheap walking tractors, then you should choose a walking tractor with less horsepower and fewer accessories. If you want to know the most detailed price of its walking tractor, please contact our sales consultant, if you can afford it, you can match all kinds of walking tractor attachments.