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The newly purchased farm machinery will produce a lot of dust and sundries after use, such as corn thresher, Peanut Sheller, Small Chaff Cutter, etc.
After corn thresher produces a lot of sundry dust, time is long can affect the normal operation of the machine, next by corn thresher manufacturer will tell you how to clean inside the corn thresher machine:
Above all, should take off the triangle belt of maize thresher, clean up above oily, muddy, must not touch acid-base material, deposit alone.
Secondly, we should open the new type of corn thresher layer by layer to detect. The machine is composed of parts and components, each doing his or her own duties. At this time, all external protective covers should be opened to clean the remaining debris and dust inside, so as to ensure that the machine will not be affected.
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1.Clean diesel filter, oil filter element (or oil filter element) regularly as required; Clean or clean air filters regularly.
2.Clean the engine cooling water radiator, hydraulic oil radiator, air filter and other areas of grass, straw and other contaminants.
3.Clean the dust, glume shell, stalk and other attachments of the corn thresher inside and outside, pay special attention to cleaning attachments of the driving wheel, cutting table auger, polder, cutter, roller, concave plate screen, vibrating plate, cleaning screen, several seats of the engine, crawler walking device, etc.
4.Clean the mud and straw in the driving belt and the driving chain, which will affect the balance of the wheel. The straw may be ignited by friction.
5.Periodically discharge the sediment such as water and mechanical impurities in the diesel tank of the corn husker and diesel filter.
The measures to clean up the corn thresher are reflected in many details, so we should try to do a comprehensive cleaning to promote the later use of the smooth.