How to choose a proper corn thresher according to your need?

Corn thresher, is a hot sale product in our factory, also known as corn sheller. We have many types of such machine, and exported many containers all over the world. How to choose a proper corn thresher according to different situations? I will give u an answer in the following.

1. I am a farmer, and just want to buy a corn threshing machine for home use.

SL-B corn sheller for sale is a small size machine with quite big capacity(3-4t/h), and very suitable for individual use. Its weight is light, just 86kg, matching with different engines(you can have many options).

Power2.2kw motor,gasoline engine and diesel engine

2. I want to peel the skin of corn and thresh corn kernels at the same time,which machine should I buy?

We have designed a special machine, a machine combined with peeling and threshing, to meet your demand. It is up-down structure, peeling roller is above the threshing roller, which means that the corn firstly is removed the skin by peeling roller and then threshing roller thresh seeds by constant friction and rotation.

Power2.2kw motor,gasoline engine and diesel engine

3. Do you have such a machine that not only can thresh corn, but thresh other crops?

Yes, of course. We have multifunctional thresher machine, and it plays great performance in threshing corn, sorghum, millet and beans, but you need to change different screens to cater for different sizes of kernels. Never hesitate to choose this machine if you plant more than one crops!

Power2.2kw motor,gasoline engine and diesel engine

4. I live in a village, do you have a big corn sheller machine to serve a whole village?

Yes, we have a super-size corn shelling machine, matching with 28-35 hp tractor, and its capacity is 10-12t /h. High capacity makes it good enough to serve the whole village. In addition, it has automatic feeding hopper, saving much time and energy.

Power28-35 hp tractor
Capacity10-12t /h
Weight2000 kg
Size5500*1550*2100 mm


5. I have a very big corn farmland, how can i buy a corn thresher machine with high capacity?

Under this circumstance, I will introduce our other types. This series of shelling corn machine has 4 models as the following parameter. TY-80B adds the automatic feeding inlet on the base of TY-80A, TY-80C has a long lifter based on TY-80A. TY-80D is equipped with automatic feeding inlet and a long lifter at the same time, so this model bears higher capacity.



Power15HP diesel engine or 7.5 KW motor15HP diesel engine or 7.5 KW motor15HP diesel engine or 7.5 KW motor15HP diesel engine or 7.5 KW motor
Capacity4t/h (Corn seeds )5t/h (Corn seeds )5t/h (Corn seeds )6t/h (Corn seeds )
Threshing rate≥99.5% ≥99.5%≥99.5%≥99.5%
Loss rate≤2.0%≤2.0%≤2.0%≤2.0%
Breakage rate≤1.5%≤1.5%≤1.5%≤1.5%
Impurity rate≤1.0%≤1.0%≤1.0%≤1.0%
Size2360*1360*1480 mm2360*1360*2000 mm3860*1360*1480 mm3860*1360*2480 mm

In conclusion, we have many types corn threshing machine, and each one is designed for different purposes. I hope this article can really help you when you want to buy it!

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