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There are many different types of seed planting machine for different crops, how to choose a proper planting machine? Now I will provide you some advice.

Q:Which one should I choose if I need a hand-operated corn planting machine at low price?

A: Hand-operated corn planting machine is suitable for the farmer who grows few corn farmland. The number of corn seeds can be adjusted, and the fertilizer sowing speed is changeable as well. Its transmission shaft is firm and durable and can be used for a long time. In addition, it is durable and is very easy to operate, everyone can afford it.

Hand-Operated Corn Planting Machine
Hand-Operated Corn Planting Machine

Its technical parameter is as follows.

Model TZY-100
Size 1370*420*900mm
Weight 12kg
Capacity 0.5acre/h
Planting Depth 30-50mm
Breakage Rate of Seeds 0%

Q: I have a large farmland to plant corn, and I really need a corn planter machine with high capacity, which one should I buy?

If you want to grow corn on a large scale, you need a seed planting machine matched with tractor that can greatly improve your working efficiency. Until now, we have designed different rows of corn planter, from 1 row to 8 rows. Personally speaking, 8 rows machine is your best choice. The row spacing and plant spacing both can be adjusted in the accordance with your actual situation.

The following is the specification of 8 row corn planting machine

Model 2BYSF-8
Overall dimension 1640*4600*1200mm
Rows 8
Row spacing 428-570mm
Plant spacing Adjustable , 140mm / 173mm / 226mm / 280mm
Ditching depth 60-80mm
Fertilization depth 60-80mm
Sowing depth 30-50mm
Capacity of fertilizer tank 18.75L x8
Capacity of seed box 8.5 x 8
Weight 650kg
Matched power 75-100hp
Linkage 3-pointed
Maize Planting Machine
Maize Planting Machine

Q: How can I choose a seed planting machine for wheat?

A: I strongly recommend you buy a 9 rows wheat planting machine, for it is the hot sale in the recent years, and most people prefer to purchase it. Of course, we can customize other rows on the basis of your need. The premise of buying this wheat planter machine is that you need to have a 15-20kw tractor. Besides, the fertilizing amount, seeding amount and the depth of seeding all are adjustable.

Wheat Planter Machine
Wheat Planter Machine
Overall dimension 1750*1730*1270mm
Matched power 15-20kw
Weight 250kg
Rows spacing 160mm
Maximum fertilizing amount 180-360kg/acre (adjustable)


Maximum seeding amount 174kg/acre (adjustable)
Depth of seeding  20-50mm (adjustable)
Linkage Three-pointed mounted

The above is the most popular seed planting machine on the market, and i wish it can help you when you decide to buy one!