How to deal with the impurity during the operation

The appearance of automatic corn thresher makes people no longer need to thresh corn by hand, but the problem also to do if there are many impurities, i will introduce a solution for you!

1. Reduce the feeding amount of corn thresher and feed evenly.

2. Properly adjust the threshing clearance of corn thresher, and replace the seriously worn parts in time.

3. The power belt pulley of the corn thresher needs reasonable coordination with the belt pulley of the thresher. The belt pulley should be adjusted in time for sliding and losing rotation.

4. The over-wet grain of straw should be properly ventilated and dried before threshing.

5. the excessive confidence in the precision of parts manufacturing, thus ignoring the pre-installation inspection. For example, the side clearance and back clearance of the piston ring, if these gaps are too small, it is easy to cause the piston ring to jam or break.

Therefore, it is necessary to remind the operator to strengthen the inspection and maintenance of each part of the farm machinery in daily maintenance work.

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