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Some farmers always are confused about how to remove the impurity inside grain such as rice, wheat. In the past time, such a thing is finished by hand, which costs much labor time. But now, we have developed a new design rice-wheat stone removing the machine, and this machine can fully wipe off the stone and other impurities with high working efficiency

1. What is the technical parameter of this wheat stone removing machine?

Model SLQS-50
Power 2.2kw motor
Capacity 1t/h
Weight 86kg
Size 900*610*320mm

2. What is the structure of rice destoner machine?

The following picture is the structure and this machine and it has many holes such as stone and rice feeding hole, big stone outlet, impurity outlet, small stone outlet, and clean rice outlet.
These outlets enable grain and impurities to come out respectively, improving the cleaning rate.

3. Compared with other suppliers, what is the biggest advantage of our rice destoner machine?

Electric screen is the most important part of this machine, and we invest much time and energy to the design of it in order to increase the cleaning rate.
The kernels processed by this machine is very clean without any impurities, and the cleaning rate can reach 97%.
Agriculture-Machine-2Agriculture Machine 3

4. What is the working principle of wheat stone removing machine?

1. Put the rice or wheat with the stone in the outlet when the machine begins to work
2. Electric screen continuously vibrates under the force of the motor, and then wheat is separated from impurities
3. Clean wheat comes out from the outlet that is in the bottom of machine, and other impurities respectively are blown out from different discharge holes.

5. Which country have your company exported to?

Actually, it is a hot sale product and we have exported this rice destoning machine to many countries such as     Congo,, India, Kenya, India, Gambia, Tanzania, Mozambique, Nigeria, Egypt, Ghana, Japan, Algeria, Botswana, Pakistan, Uganda, America, Togo, Australia, South-Africa, etc.

6. How long is the warranty time?

All our machines have 2 years warranty time, and we provide free spare parts and 24 online services for you

Please send an inquiry to us if you are interested in it and want to know more information