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With the improvement of the quality of life, what are people eating? Is nutrition high? How did the food come? More and more attention! As the focus of people’s attention, millet is the main food crop in China. Millet products are an indispensable part of life. This requires continuous improvement of the production efficiency of millet processing equipment and better meet people’s food needs. . The increase in the demand for small and medium-sized complete sets of rice milling machines has increased the processing time of the rice milling machine, which is prone to wear in long-term use. Therefore, it is necessary to know the relevant knowledge of the equipment during the use of small and medium-sized complete sets of rice milling machines. !
Rice Milling Plant Machine 2 1Rice Milling Plant Machine 3 1
First, understand the rice milling process and its characteristics, the system settings and the role of each system, master how to operate to achieve the best rice milling effect.

Second, familiar with the main structure and function of the rice milling machine, the operation precautions and methods in the production process, especially the parts closely related to the grinding effect.

Third, memorize the technical conditions of the grinding rollers of each system and the equipment of each system, so as to cooperate well in operation.