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One of Italy’s leading peanut food processors recently welcomed a significant investment in its agricultural division: a large peanut picking machine.

This company is a self-producing and self-marketing orientated business, committed to providing high-quality peanut products and thus gaining a foothold in the market.

As a long-term partner of our company, they made this investment to further improve their productivity and product quality.

Expectations of large peanut picking machine

In our in-depth communication with our customers, we learned that they have urgent needs and clear expectations. Firstly, their peanut fields are quite large, so they need an efficient, high-capacity fruit picker to ensure timely and adequate harvesting.

Secondly, as a food processing company, the quality of their products is of paramount importance to them. They expected the new peanut picker to collect the fruits easily and efficiently while maintaining the integrity of the fruits to ensure high quality in the subsequent processing steps.

Reasons for choosing us

This is not the first time that the customer has chosen a machine from our company. Previously, they purchased the peanut seeds planter and peanut harvesting machine from our company. These machines performed well in actual production and brought considerable economic benefits to the customer.

In addition, we provide customized solutions for our customers’ specific needs. The newly purchased large peanut picking machine not only meets the needs of their large peanut field but is also designed with the importance of protecting the integrity of the fruit in mind.

If you are interested in peanut processing machinery then please feel free to contact us for more detailed information and quotation, we look forward to working with you.