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1.Check Machine
(1)Please kindly check the peanut harvester machine part. It means each rotating part of the machine for tangling of seedling weeds or other obstacles. If there is any debris in the cleaning screen or lifting machine, remove them immediately.

(2)Please make sure the tractor at neutral position before your motoring the peanut harvester.If not ,it will make peanut seedlings stacking without fruit.In this way ,can also ensure safety of worker.

2. Please arrange staffs work before starting.This peanut harvester machine needs 3 workers to operate. You have to make sure where has gaw or high place and avoid to drive there while operating. one drives the tractor, and one guides to operate.And the rest for cleaning peanut seedlings which are harvested.Once finding peanut seedlings stacking,please clean the earth or stop work as soon as possible.

3. Check peanut field

1)Select ripe fruit, not fallen dead seedling, large heaven and earth operations.Because the peanut harvester machine have high mission rate if the peanut seedlings were dried.

2)If there are ditches in the ground and field and fill them up. If the trench is too deep, explore other walking routes in advance please.

3)View field obstacles that affect harvesting operations.Remove any stones, sticks and other debris that may affect the harvest in the field, check if there is any trap in the field, and try to avoid it

4)Please check the soil moisture content, species and growth status of crops in advance, and adjust the height of peanut harvester machine’s suspension by combining plot conditions and seedling height.