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The rice milling machine belongs to a kind of equipment with strong integrity. The design rationality is also very strong, so it will make it more convenient to use in practice. Their superiority in use is able to It can be seen from many aspects.

Rice milling machine is a machine that uses mechanical force to peel and whiten brown rice. Its use is very wear-resistant, and their working efficiency is also very high. Their use is to replace manual operation. Steps, so it will increase the efficiency of the work! . So what preparations should the rice mill be prepared before starting up? The following small series introduces you to the preparation work before the rice mill is turned on.
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1. Before the rice mill is turned on, the machine should be installed smoothly, check whether the parts are normal, whether the parts and their connections are loose or not, and the transmission belts are suitable for tightening. The belts must be flexible, pay attention to the lubrication of the transmission parts. The switch can be started only after the above parts are checked normally.

2, remove the debris in the rice to be milled (such as stone, iron, etc., can not have too long stones, iron), so as to avoid accidents. Check if the dryness and wetness of the rice meets the requirements, then insert the rice plug into the bucket and put the rice into the bucket to be beaten.