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The traditional old rice mill complete equipment adopts the processing equipment for processing wheat and rice, and is applied in the corn finishing and grain cleaning equipment. With the wide application of grain processing equipment in the threshing process, the impurities in the grain and the side-by-side miscellaneous More, the traditional complete sets of equipment can not be cleaned up in the production of side-by-side production. The side by side is the same as the grain of impurities, its volume and weight are the same as the small volume, the traditional equipment can not be cleaned up, the clarity of the grain has a great impact on the quality of the finished product.

The survey found that the poor quality of key components of small and medium-sized complete sets of traditional rice milling machines is the most powerful problem reflected by users. Fifteen of the 30 surveyed users raised component quality issues, accounting for 50% of the total survey. The key components of rice grading screen and rubber roller quality are the focus of complaints.
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For example, according to a grain processing point, his family’s sifting and sifting machine screen can work for 7-8 hours, and the life of the rubber roller is less than one month. The user purchases parts in the agricultural machinery store, the screen is about 5 yuan/piece, and the rubber roller is about 300 yuan/pair. Compared to the smile profit of grain processing, there is no small expenditure when replacing parts.

When investigators observed the sieve, it was found that the sieve was not heat treated according to the standard requirements, the quality could not be guaranteed, and the replaced rubber roller was also very non-wearing and irritating, which was obviously produced with inferior rubber. Similar issues are very common in the survey.

Therefore, for users who still use traditional rice milling machines, it is recommended to update the grain processing equipment. You may wish to try the complete equipment produced by Longyue Machinery.