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Corn is not only a favorite food for people but corn straw is also a favorite forage for animals and livestock. So how to harvest corn stalks become the silage that livestock favorite to eat? Next, we will introduce the straw harvester to you.

The development of agricultural technology has given birth to many new agricultural types of machinery. The new corn stalk crushing and recycling machine is a piece of fully automatic suspended equipment that can harvest silage or yellow silage for livestock. The machine only just needs a person to drive a tractor to automatically realize the corn straw harvesting, feeding, cutting, and conveying. The supporting power is 60-90 horsepower. The stubble height is 8-15 cm, and the cutting length is 3-5 cm. It has low fuel consumption and high efficiency. It can harvest works 6-15 acres a day. It is an ideal machine for small and medium-sized breeding cattle companies.


The Advantages of Corn Straw Crusher and Recycling Machine

  • Durable: steel structure components, solid and reliable material selection, high-power self-aligning bearings, long service life.
  • Wide range of application: This machine is suitable for harvesting standing or falling corn, rice, wheat straw, alfalfa, reed, cotton straw, other erect crop straws. The recycled straw is not limited by dryness or wetness, and can also be processed for wet straws. Ensuring the stability of the discharge molding and improving work efficiency.
  • The workplace is not restricted: the machine is easy to move, also can be fixed for processing or mobile production, which is convenient for field production.

Working Principle of Silage Harvester Machine

The corn straw crusher and recycling machine was driven by tractors. When working, the output power of the tractor is transmitted to the work tool through the universal joint. The straw is cut, sucked, and crushed by the high-speed rotating blade, enters the conveying device under the combined action of centrifugal force and airflow, and is sent to the centrifugal thrower by the conveying device. The crushed straw is lifted and blown out by the throwing drum and dropped on the trailer for transport.

The crushed corn stalks are fed into the silage baler machine and finally become corn silage. The thickness, density, and number of layers of the film can be adjusted according to the requirements of crop conditions, transportation, and storage. The corn silage baler machine can automatically and continuously operate, is convenient for transportation, storage, and deep processing, and is suitable for use in various farms, pastures, and households.

Why the Breeding Farmers Choose to Use a Straw Crushing Recycling Machine

corn stalk crushing and recycling machine adopts axial-flow harvesting. This type of harvesting can carry out corn stalk green silage and corn stalk yellow silage. The harvest is not aligned, and the cutting surface width is about 2.3 meters, but the shortcomings of this type of corn straw harvester are also obvious. However, the price is cheaper. In addition, it is not easy to mix soil, weeds, and the like into the crushed corn straw during corn stalk silage. Therefore, the forage after harvest has high nutritional value, good palatability, and is favored by livestock.