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Silage Harvester in Pakistan

The customer in Pakistan is a farmer who has been raising sheep for many years. Previously, 50 sheep were raised. This year, the breeding has been expanded to raise 100 sheep and 50 cattle. In the past, there were few livestock are raised, so customers bought silage or other feeds, but the cost was too high to make money in a year. The client planted a large area of pasture and corn this year, and he wanted to use them in making silage. So this customer bought silage harvester machine and silage baler machine from us to produce silage by themselves. After receiving the machine, the customer was very satisfied. It coincided with the harvest season, and the customer harvested the pasture that he planted and gave us video feedback.

The harvested pasture is made into silage, and the whole operation process is very convenient for customers. The customer stated that he would like to buy a feed pellet machine next to produce feed. He said that the combination of feed pellets and silage can make the livestock grow better.

Benefits of Silage for Livestock

  1. To improve the insufficient supply of green silage in winter and spring, as a breeding farm, you must balance silage throughout the year.
  2. It can preserve the taste and nutrition of the silage. The silage has a strong and taste, and higher nutrition. Compared with other unfermented silage, it can better preserve the silage, not only the nutrition loss Less, and it is beneficial to the gastrointestinal absorption of livestock. It can also improve the disease resistance of livestock.
  3. Improve feed utilization rate. The silage feed is soft in texture, sour and delicious, and it is more easily digested by livestock.

Because of its high nutritional value, silage shortens the fattening time of livestock and improves the quality of fattening. Enterprises and farmers engaged in livestock breeding have benefited from it, which has promoted the transformation and upgrading of animal husbandry.

Application and Tips of Silage Harvester Machine

The Application of Silage Harvester Machine

The silage harvester machine is suitable for harvesting corn, pasture, sorghum, alfalfa, and other silage crops. In the field operation, it can complete the harvesting, crushing, kneading, and conveying of silage crops at one time, and throwing and loading, and finally completing the silage baler. Silage includes low-moisture and high-moisture silage as well as additional silage additives. Ordinary silage uses good silage materials and timely harvesting time. The choice of silage materials is particularly important. The harvesting period is also different due to the growth period of the plants.

Tips for Silage Harvester Machine

  1. Check before running. ① Check whether the installation conditions of the bearings and the high-speed rotating parts on the shaft (such as the straw cutting device, the intermediate shaft) are normal. ②Check the tension of the V-belt and chain. ③Check whether there are tools or irrelevant items left on the working parts of the harvester, and whether all protective covers are in place. ④Check whether the fuel, engine oil, and lubricating oil are in place.
  2. No-load test running. ① Disconnect the engine clutch and put the gear lever in the neutral position. ②Start the engine and engage the clutch at low speed. When all working parts and various mechanisms are operating normally, gradually increase the engine speed until the rated speed, and then make the harvester run at the rated speed.
  3. Operation test running. In the first 30 hours of work, it is recommended that the speed of the harvester machine is 20% to 25% lower than the normal speed, and the normal operating speed can be carried out according to the working speed recommended in the manual. After the test run is over, thoroughly check the tightness of the assembly of each component, the correctness of assembly adjustment, and the working status of electrical equipment. Replace the lubricating oil of all reducers and closed gearboxes.

How to Keep Silage Longer

As a farmer, the most important question is how to store silage for a long time. When the silage is baled and wrapped by using a silage baler machine, as long as effective measures are taken, it will not be affected by seasonal factors such as wind, sun, and rain. It can also be stored anywhere in the open, so it can provide high-quality silage forage to cattle and sheep all year round.  Moreover, it is quite convenient and fast in storage and transportation. It fully demonstrates the functions of straw and pasture, and therefore reflects its value, realizing the industrialization and commercialization of forage processing.