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The design of the rice transplanter adopts the principle of uniform dicing of the ramming block to realize the branching and transplanting, achieving the purpose of setting the line, fixing the depth and hole, and planting the seedling. As long as the seedlings on the plate are evenly distributed, the transplanting speed will be faster, as a result, the number of seedlings per hole is relatively uniform.


The seedling transplanted by this rice planter machine has high survival rate. When the transplanting work is performed, the needle is inserted into the soil with the soil block, and the quantitative block is grasped and moved downward. When moving to the set planting depth, the interpolation fork of the rice planting machine pushes the seedling out from the needle and then inserts the soil, completing the planting process.


At the same time, the relative position of the floating plate and the boring pin is controlled by the hydraulic system, so it is necessary to maintain the uniform insertion depth.

The engine transmits power to the crank connecting rod transplanting machine and the feeding mechanism respectively. Under the cooperation of the two mechanisms, the needle of the planting rice is inserted into the cutting block to grab the seedlings, and is taken out and moved downwards.


At present, our rice planter that are already mature are widely used at home and abroad, and different models have the same working principle.

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