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The development of the times is also driven by the development of science. The average threshing machine should know that in rural areas, the application of threshers should be very extensive. Remind everyone that when using the thresher, you should be careful not to violate the following rules:
1.When summer and autumn crops are harvested and threshing machine is no longer in use, the machine should be thoroughly scrubbed and kept indoors. It should not be thrown on the ground or beside the field.
Big Thresher For Rice Wheat Beans Sorghum Millet2Small Thresher For Rice Wheat Beans Sorghum Millet3
2.Before summer and autumn grain harvest, it is necessary to check and repair the threshing machine carefully, and check whether the bolts can be loose, whether the grain bar can be intact, and whether the transmission parts can have problems. Identify the elements of insecurity and sweep them away
3.No matter whether it is powered by electric motor or diesel engine, it can’t be overloaded during work, otherwise it is not safe.
4.The movement and the device of the threshing machine and its power machine must be operated by skilled professional technicians, and it is not possible to start with it. When moving the electric thresher, the power must be turned off first, and the insulated wires should not be pulled in the air to prevent the insulation layer from being worn and causing leakage and injury. The shutdown and start-up of the diesel engine should be checked by the professional and then operated.
5.The safe installation of the threshing machine and its power machine must be complete. If the transmission belt must have a safety shield, the motor must be grounded, etc., to ensure personal safety.
6.In order to save money, some people make self-made threshing machine or use old de-granulators that are eliminated. This type of thresher is inferior to the thresher that has been rigorously tested and has a poor safety performance.