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Corn harvester machine is a common tool for farmers who always worry about how to do if the machine can not run in the field. What are the common problems and related solutions about corn harvester machine? Today I will list the problems that usually occur during operation for you, and I hope the following chart can really work to solve your problems.

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Phenomenon Reason Solution Remarks













The engine can’t start



There is not enough fuel in the oil tank Add some fuel  












The machine will not start if there is not enough oil in the tank. Or although it is started, it will automatically stop in a while.


Fuel switch not open open fuel switch
The throttle is too small,


hit the throttle to 1/3


The machine is operated by hand with little force.



Hold the handle with both hands and pull out the cord quickly.




The weather is too cold, and the oil is sticky.



re-inject the oil that has been heated into the machine



The weather is too cold, causing the fuel cannot be flammable.



heat the cylinder head cover.







The muffler emits black smoke

The load is too heavy and it is difficult to operate.  Reduce the load and switch to the slow gear.


Filter blockage


Clean or replace filter chip


Insufficient fuel supply Check fuel supply system

The muffler emits blue smoke.


The organic oil is in the cylinder.


Check the oil level and discharge the excessive oil.



Blue smoke is a typical performance of entering the oil in the cylinder. The machine should be sent to professional institutions for maintenance if necessary.


The large gap between piston and cylinder



Repair or replace it.


The piston ring notch is in the wrong position.


 Repair or replace it.


Valve and valve pipe are worn.


repair and replace valves.








Clutch does not work.


the throttle is too small, and the speed is not enough, slowly increase the throttle to the required.


Improper adjustment of the clutch cable


Readjust the clutch cable.
The oil in the gearbox is stored for too long time, missing or too thick.


Replace the gear oil in the gearbox.


Broken clutch spring in the gearbox


 repair and replace


Clutch is damaged repair and replace





Gearbox cover or case has leakage


Seal failure


repair and replace





There are many types of seals, and the exact model and position should be specified when needed.

Seal is worn


repair and replace
fixing bolts is loose




Repair and fasten
There is tiny leakage hole. repair or paint oil-resistant sealant




Gear shows much noise


It does not exceed the running-in period.


Running in it according to correct steps.
Excessive gear wear


Replace gears
Gear assembly deviation is large


reassembling gears



Has your corn cutter ever shown the above problems? If not, you can send an inquiry to us, and we will provide you professional suggestions.

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