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Our combined rice milling machine is equipped with high quality, and bears long service life. However, without any hesitation, rice hulling machine may occur some problems during operation. How to use the right solutions to solve them? I will give you an answer in the following chart.

Rice Milling Machine
Rice Milling Machine

Common problems of rice milling machine

common malfunction Reason Solution
The significant decline in production 1. The spiral thruster is seriously worn

2. The roller is seriously worn

1.replace the thruster

2.replace the roller

There is excessively broken rice. 1.rice sieve connection is not flat

2.the roller is not well connected to the propeller

1.replace the thruster

2.replace the roller

polishing and milling room blockage 1. the feed flow is excessive

2. outlet pressure is too large

3. the transmission triangle belt slips

1.appropriate reduction of feeding inflow, and

Refer to the ammeter to control the motor load.

2. Adjust the hammer at the exit or

rubber to make the pressure right

3.Tension the V-belt

Uneven precision of final rice Roller and sieve are wear Replace or thicken the bead
Too much husk in the final rice sieve hole blockage Clean or replace the rice screen


1. The conveyor belt is slack

2, the feeding inflow is overmuch.

3. Sudden shutdown during operation

1. Tension the conveyor belt

2.reduce the flow and evenly feed

3. remove the raw materials

Imbalance conveyor belt Upper and lower driving belts are not parallel Adjust the left and right adjustment levers to make the two axes parallel.

Vulnerable spare parts of rice milling machine

I list the vulnerable spare parts of rice miller for you, and you need to buy extra ones when purchasing. For the first cooperation, we will send some of them to you for free if you can place this rice huller from our factory.

Rice Milling Machine
Rice Huller
Name quantity
Scale hole 20x 1.4 (single side) 1 Gravity rice destoner machine
Rubber sheath 45 x 24 x45 10 Gravity rice destoner machine
Upper flat plate cleaning screen 20x 6 1 Gravity rice destoner machine
Upper flat cleaning screen 2 1 Gravity rice destoner machine
Left lining plate 1 Rice milling machine
Right lining plate 1 Rice milling machine
6″ rubber roller 223x 152 2 Rice hulling machine
Flat screen 12×1.0, 12×0.8 4 Rice hulling machine
Inlet collar 1 Rice huller machine
Outlet collar 1 Rice huller machine
Screw head 1 Rice miller machine
roller 150×400 1 Rice milling machine
Mound layer 382x 19×3 4 Rice milling machine
Husk sieve 1060x 130x 1.3 or 1.5 1 Crushing machine
Crushing knife holder 210×111 1 Crushing machine
Pin 16x 127 4 Crushing machine
husk sieve circle 369 x8.5 2 Crushing machine
Husk sieve column 124x15x4 4 Crushing machine
Hammer 96 x40x4 16 Crushing machine
Winnowing pan 202

Welcome to send a message to us if you still have any problems with rice hulling , and we are happy to serve you.