In recent years, we have designed a new type of thresher machine that is mainly used to thresh rice and wheat. 79 sets rice and wheat threshers were delivered to Peru in Feb. Now, our customer has received the machine and feel very satisfied with them.

Wheat Thresher 5

Wheat Thresher 4


It is the packing pictures and the wheat thresher needs to be disassembled due to the limited space of container.

Wheat Thresher 9

It is the spare parts of this rice thresher.

Wheat Thresher 8

It is the corner of our factory, and all machines have been packed well by box.

Wheat Thresher 3

Our workers were moving the machines into container one by one.

Why does this customer buy wheat thresher machine from us ?  

This thresher rice machine has many advantages as follow.

  1. Outlet with a big cyclone can filter impurity such as straw, improving cleaning rate.
  2. High threshing rate. The threshing rate is more than 98%.
  3. Two handles make it easy to move.
  4. Rollers inside machine can fully thresh the rice or wheat kernels and do not exert any bad influence.

Wheat Thresher 6

Do you have any types of wheat and rice thresher machine?

Yes,we have many types of such thresher in our factory, let me introduce them to you one by one.

Type one

It is a big size wheat threshing machine with capacity 800-1000kg/h, and we have exported it to many countries such as Sudan, South Africa, Congo, Nigeria etc.

Technical parameter


Model SL-125
Power 3kw motor, gasoline engine or 12HP diesel engine
Capacity 800-1000kg/h
Weight 400kg
Dimension 1340*2030*1380mm

Wheat Thresher 7

Type two

It is very small thresher machine,and suitable for home use. Its weight is just 50kg and it’s easy to move.

If you are a farmer and want to buy a thresher for individual use, this one is your best choice.

Model SL-50
Power 3kw motor, gasoline engine or 8HP diesel engine
Capacity 400-500kg/h
Weight 50kg
Dimension 980*500*1200mm

Wheat Thresher Machine 1

Type three

The biggest advantage of this wheat thresher for sale is that it has a big inlet, which makes it convenient to place raw material into machine. It not only can thresh rice and wheat, but  barely, millet, soybean, sorghum and rapeseed.

Model DT-60


>3kw motor
170F gasoline engin
8HP diesel engine
Capacity 800-1000kg/h
Fan speed 2450r/min
Machine size 1490*1270*1480mm
Packing size 1280*960*1010mm(1.24CBM)
Weight 150kg
National implementation of standards DG/T 016-2006
JB/T 9778-2008
Thresher Machine4
Thresher Machine4

I make brief introduction about four types of wheat and rice thresher machine. For further details, please contact us to know more.