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After the multi-functional thresher is in place, the lock pin is pulled out and the lift cylinder is relieved. To ensure the screening quality and speed, the machine must be level to the ground. When the power is input, the handle of the clutch is pulled off first, and the power machine is operated. After normal, push the clutch handle to the closed position. At this time, the main engine gradually enters the normal operation, and the clutch is not allowed to work in the semi-clutch state to prevent damage to the separator. The gearbox, the lifting hydraulic cylinder and the oil filling holes. During the operation, check once a day, the oil level of the gearbox does not exceed the oil mirror. Due to the different dry humidity of the grain, in order to ensure the working efficiency of the machine, the wind speed and air volume of the fan should be adjusted;
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Multi-function thresher safety precautions:
When the multi-function thresher is working, it is necessary to pay attention to safety when feeding, grassing and cleaning. It is strictly forbidden to extend the hand into the danger zone. When the fan rotates, it must not stand at the fan mouth. When the cylinder is lowered, please pay attention to safety. Prevent injury.
During the operation of the machine, before and after starting the machine every day, it must be done: check the screws of each part to prevent looseness. All the rotating parts of the belt, where there is to be oiled, do not have oil filling nozzles. During the operation, oil must be injected once a day. The hoisting plate belt should be adjusted tightly in time, and the hopper screw should be tightened. When the hoisting plate belt has been loosened to the end, it can be cut about 30mm each time and then fastened. If the lifting height of the cylinder is not enough, hydraulic oil must be injected. This multi-functional thresher The machine can also thresh corn, soybean and sorghum;