Corn peeling thresher maintenance and care

The corn peeling thresher is very serious to the consumption of the machine itself when it is used. When using it, we must maintain our machine while paying attention to safe operation.
For corn peeling thresher, the threshing part is mainly used for threshing of corn ear after molting. In the course of use, it is necessary to follow the operating rules in strict accordance with the operating rules, so as to avoid the accident of injury. In order to carry out the threshing work efficiently. Yushchenko hydraulic equipment reminds everyone that the corn peeling thresher should pay attention to the following points during use:

1.Start with the purchase, you should choose a regular manufacturer when purchasing. In order to reduce production costs, many small manufacturers blindly cut corners, resulting in not only the appearance of products into the market, but also the safety protection is not in place, there are serious safety hazards. When purchasing the machine, it should check whether the parts of each part meet the strength requirements, whether the installation is proper, whether the design is reasonable, whether the corresponding experiment and debugging are carried out at the factory.
2.When the corn peeling thresher is used, it is equipped with power as required, and the power of the motor cannot be increased privately for the purpose of pursuing high efficiency, or the diameter of the power belt pulley is increased. Because the self-improvement causes the working speed to be too high, the whole corn peeling thresher vibrates violently. This can result in parts damage, loose fasteners, and so on. It should be the most important thing to pay attention to during use.
3.Corn peeling thresher is a relatively strong agricultural machinery. It is usually used most frequently in September, October and November. Because it will cause rusting of various parts for several months, it is necessary to carry out necessary maintenance before use. And maintenance, pay close attention to the operation of the machine, found that the exception is handled in a timely manner.
4.Corn peeling thresher should always be lubricated and should not be used continuously for a long time.

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