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For corn sheller, the threshing part is mainly used for shelling corn kernels after peeling. In the course of use, the operator should follow with the instruction to avoid personal injury. In order to carry out the threshing work efficiently.

 The points of corn sheller should be noted during the operation.

1. You should choose a reliable manufacturer when purchasing. In order to reduce production costs, many small manufacturers blindly use spare parts with low price, which not only leads to low-quality sheller machine, but also creates security risks.
2. When purchasing corn sheller machine, you shall check whether the components meet the strength requirements; whether the installation is suitable; whether the design is reasonable; whether the corresponding tests are carried out at the factory.
3. When using the maize sheller, it is necessary to equip with the corresponding power, and the power of the motor cannot be increased privately, which may cause the machine to vibrate violently, damaging parts and loosing fasteners, etc.
4. Spare parts cannot be rusted, so necessary maintenance must be conducted before use. Pay attention to the operation of the machine, and deal with the malfunction in time.
5. The corn sheller machine should be lubricated monthly and should not be used continuously for a long time.

How to clean the maize shelling machine properly?

This is the correct procedure for cleaning maize thresher.

1. The V-belt of machine should be removed to clean debris, and should not be exposed to acid or alkali substance.
2. All parts should be opened to clean internal debris and dust to enable the machine works properly.
3. Regularly clean the diesel filter, oil filter regularly.
3. Clean the dust, corn husk and other impurities inside and outside the maize shelling machine.
4. Clean the mud and straw of each driving belt and driving chain because it affects the balance of the wheel.

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