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Good News! Burkina Faso customer bought an electric chaff cutter from us. This machine can effectively help the customer to improve the efficiency of cutting grass.

Electric chaff cutter customer information

Our customer is from Burkina Faso. The electric chaff cutter is purchased for his own use, hay cutter is for grass processing. Previously the customer bought the machine from China. There is an agent in Guangzhou, China.

Materials handled by straw crushing machine

The customer’s client mainly grows silage and fodder crops and needs to cut and process a lot of grass. In the past, they cut and crushed the grass manually, but it was inefficient and time-consuming. Therefore, they hope to improve productivity and reduce labor intensity by using an advanced guillotine hay cutter.

Wear parts of feeding chaff cutter

The customer inquired about the wearing parts of the guillotine grass cutter, paying special attention to the durability and replacement frequency of the blades. We explained to the customer that the blades are the main wearing parts of the guillotine chopper due to the different hardness and quantity of grass. Customers can purchase another blade to reduce the number of purchases.

Parameters of silage shredder

Chaff Cutter machine
Power: gasoline engine
Weight:67 kg
silage shredder’s information

Packing and shipping of electric chaff cutter

In order to let customers understand the packing and shipping process of the guillotine grass cutter more intuitively, we provide customers with detailed packing and shipping pictures.

More machines related to silage chaff cutter

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  2. High-output hay cutter. It can handle a large amount of forage at one time.
  3. Straw crushing and recycling machine. Crush and collect corn stalks directly in the field.