How to reduce feed waste by using silage hay baler machine

Silage baler machine and chaff cutter is a good helper for breeding

The biggest expense of raising cattle is the cost of feed. Although large companies can hire nutritionists and buy large quantities of forage to reduce costs, most small companies do not have these conditions. But you can use a hay baler machine to solve.

It takes a lot of time, energy, and investment to breeding livestock in winter, but it is worth it. Failure to implement a successful strategy can severely affect your herd cattle loss. Failure to prepare for the needs of the winter herd can lead to the physical condition of the bull and also brings potential breeding challenges.


Fortunately, even small livestock breeding farmers have ways to help reduce the cost of hay and winter rations. The most important one is to reduce waste. Here are some important ways to reduce waste:

Ways to Reduce Waste by Hay Baling Machine

Consider using a hay baler machine, the chaff cutter gently chops hay or green grass, thereby improving the way the cattle uses forage. Studies have shown that using pasture hay to raise cows can reduce waste. Processing also improves hay utilization by increasing the accessibility of carbohydrates to the rumen. This is especially important for low-quality hay. The previous hay baler processing required a lot of labor, but the current baler machine solves the problem of labor consumption. Finally, the hay baler machine can move any area that has forage anywhere, which helps reduce forage waste.

Chaff Cutter
Chaff Cutter

Store hay bale well. Wrap the baled forage or silage and cover up the unused hay. This can preserve the nutrients in the silage or forage and keep them in good condition. But if you must store some balers outside, eat the outside first, because it will deteriorate faster than the bales stored indoors. Regardless of the size of your cattle farm, reducing feed waste will increase your profits. Using the above method, you can do this without affecting animal health.

Silage Baling Machine/Silage baler/straw baler machine/silage baler and wrapper sold to Pakistan

Maintain the Silage Baler Machine to Reduce Waste

The automatic hay baler and wrapper machine is very important to the development of agriculture and animal husbandry, so it will often be seen. But after every time we used it, some people just throw it aside. In fact, this is completely wrong behavior. Every time we use it up, we must do a good job of maintenance, clean up and maintain it, otherwise, it is likely to affect its life. Therefore, after using the baler machine, it is necessary to clean the wheat stalks, pasture, and other impurities in the machine in time, otherwise, it will malfunction after a long time, which will affect the normal use. The above problems will cause you to spend money to buy the machine again, or the baled silage or the bundled forage is substandard, which will increase your breeding cost.


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