Reel Sprinkler Irrigation Makes Crops Grow Greener

We have different types of sprinkler irrigation for your choose, such as large, medium, mini, sprinkler irrigation system

After using our reel sprinklers system, customers in Morocco gave us feedback. “In the past, the irrigated land was flooded with flooding, but now we pay attention to moisture measurement and supplemental irrigation. This new type of reel-type watering equipment allows our home 160 acres of land can save US$2,500.” Looking at the reel sprinkler irrigation machine that is working hard to water the crops, I am deeply emotional.


Supplemental Irrigation by Measuring Moisture Can Save more than 30% of Water

This Moroccan client is a vegetable grower. He planted more than 160 acres of vegetables last year. According to the staff of the local agricultural department, the use of a reel sprinkler irrigation system can save more than 30% of water. “Compared with traditional irrigation, the supplemental irrigation by measuring moisture is based on the soil moisture in different plots of the land. It does not only improve the water use efficiency but also increases the vegetable output by 10%.” Customer feedback said that nowadays, farming is more and more technologically.”

Reel Sprinklers
Reel Sprinklers

Irrigation System Technologically Can Increase the Harvest by 20%

It is understood that the customer grew many vegetables. It includes onions, peppers, pumpkins, tomatoes, kale, carrots, cabbage, cabbage, and sweet potatoes. According to calculations by this client, their vegetables have not been affected by drought this year. In contrast, the water supply is normal. According to his estimation, his vegetable harvest this year will increase by 20%.


Some Questions about the Circular Sprinkler Irrigation Machine

  • After reading the above cases of Moroccan customers, some customers will doubt whether we can use reel sprinklers irrigator because we don’t have so many planting areas?

of course, you can. We have a large reel sprinkler, medium reel sprinkler, light reel sprinkler, mini reel sprinkler, and frame sprinklers for your choice.

The circular sprinkler irrigation machine is a new type of agricultural sprinkler irrigator equipment. It is widely used in farmland water-saving irrigation, gardens, sports fields, urban green spaces, and other irrigation and dust-prevention occasions. The irrigated area is wide and easy to use.

When choosing a reel sprinkler irrigation machine, it is recommended to choose according to crop irrigation needs and field size. The outer diameter and length of the supporting pipe should be appropriate.


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