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The Benefits of the Chaff Cutter and Grain Grinder to Farmers.

Straw and crop stalk can be seen everywhere in rural areas. In the past few years, people’s improper handling of straws would lead to a series of undesirable consequences, such as environmental pollution and river pollution. With the development of science and technology, straw crushers and grinders came out. It also can crush stalk properly.  let’s see the advantages of a straw cutter and grain grinder and how to choose a straw cutter.

Advantages of Combined Chaff Cutter and Grinder

  • Wide range of crushing and grinding: including wood chips, shavings, branches, various crop straws, corn stalks, cotton stalks, rice straw, peanut seedlings, sweet potato seedlings, grain straws, wheat straws, etc.
  • Product advantages: low power and high output, the crushed straw powder does not generate temperature and does not change color. It has a simple structure, convenient operation: one person can operate it, and the processing range is wide.
  • Wide application range: combined chaff cutter and grain crusher are used in the crushing and processing of crop straw. The straw is rich in nutrients. The crushed straw can be used for the production of silage, ammoniation, and micro-storage in breeding plants.
  • Strong functionality: one machine can crush straw but also can grind all kinds of cereal crops.

The Benefits of Using Chaff Cutter and Grain Crusher for Farmers

Some crop stalks are too long to feed directly to livestock, and they are easy to cause waste. So breeding farmers require this machine to smash them. The forage processed by the chaff kneads function is silky, with a soft texture, good palatability, high feed intake, and easy digestion. It is a good feed for livestock. At the same time, it reduces the waste of forage and improves the feed conversion rate.

The grinding function we often use can crush various grain into powder, and add nutrients needed by other livestock to the grass powder to make nutritious grass powder; for example, make corn kernels, bran, concentrated feed, etc for livestock.

Straw Cutter And Grain Grinder
Straw Cutter And Grain Grinder

How to Choose a Chaff Cutter and Grain Grinder?

  1. Customers who mainly crush and process grains are recommended to choose a hammer-type straw crusher and grain grinder.
  2. Customers who mainly crush and process bran and cereal feeds are recommended to choose a claw straw crusher and grinder.
  3. If you want to crush both grain and bran, wheat, and other feeds, it is recommended to choose a tangential feed hammer mill.
  4. For customers who mainly crush and process mineral feed such as shells, it is recommended to use the shell-type non-sieve grinder.

With the development of modern technology, farmers have also become more convenient. In the past, farmers could only cut the grass manually with a sickle, and then cut the grass with a guillotine when they returned home. The efficiency was very slow and the guillotine effect was not good. And now we can directly use the chaff cutter and grain crusher without any effort. Farmers who grow grasses are also very time-consuming and laborious to bale and transport the grass home. But now we have a silage baler machine that directly harvests the straw into balers in the field for easy transportation.