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There are three main types of small rice milling machines in China: separate rice milling machines, Combined rice mill and Spray rice mill.

separate rice milling machines

The split rice mill is easy to operate and has a low price, but the model is aging, and the milled rice is poor, and it has gradually been eliminated. Including a feeding device, a rice milling device and a separating rice bran device, the outlet of the feeding device is connected to the inlet of the rice milling device, and the outlet of the rice milling device is connected to the inlet of the separating rice bran device, characterized in that the feeding device The feed port is connected to a moisturizing device for wetting the grain, which is a tubular structure comprising a steam inlet and a grain inlet, and a valve is provided at the steam inlet.
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Combined rice mill is a kind of high efficiency rice processing comprehensive equipment, with a compact structure, beautiful shape, simple operation, high rate of rice, broken rice, low power consumption and other advantages, suitable for farms, collective and individual grain processing, processing of rice quality is good, but its structure is complex, the price is more expensive.

The spray type rice milling machine has a good cost performance, and can complete the shelling and whitening process at one time, and the processed finished rice is white and bright, and has become the mainstream product in the market in recent years. Compared with the spray-type and split-type rice milling machine, the series of rice milling machine has great improvement and improvement in structure and performance, advanced structure, beautiful appearance, self-aligning, convenient operation and maintenance (especially convenient for changing), with rice The advantages are high rate, good rice quality, large output, low noise, low power consumption and low rice temperature.