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The development of corn thresher machine

According to statistics, since the 1980s, China has begun to purchase a batch of advanced corn thresher from abroad. From the hand-operated corn thresher to electric corn thresher, farmers gradually relieve from the heavy manual labor. In the end of 2014, there were more than 240 top agricultural machine manufacturers in China, and they sold more than 350,000 sets, corn sheller, annually. China’s agricultural development constantly tends to be mechanized, and the development and research of it has gradually been put on the agenda and has become the focus of China’s agricultural development.

From the birth of the corn thresher to the development and then to the popularization, it is a sign of the modernization of China’s agricultural development. Due to China’s vast territory, the climatic conditions and agronomic requirements of mountainous areas and economic conditions vary widely. Therefore, the use of corn thresher is very extensive.

The annual harvest season is a busy time. Many farmers began buying maize thresher in advance, referring to its band, price and the technical parameter.
However, we can’t just look at the appearance to judge the quality of the machine, and the internal fittings are the most important. Thus, good thresher must be practical. Taizy Machinery specializes in agricultural equipment for more than 10 years, regarding designing machines, we consider both aesthetics and practicality. Our corn thresher is not only efficient but also designed with good looking.

Corn ThresherCorn Thresher
As we all know, machine many occur some problems when operation. The biggest problem is that corn kernels can not be threshed fully. Today I will introduce some common problems and suggestions for you.

1. Some corn kernels still are on the cobs

(1). operator places too much corns into machine or the it is not uniform to put corn into machine.
(2). The threshing gap between the groove and the concave plate is too large.
(3). The rotation speed of the drum is too low;
(4). The corn is too moist.
(1). reduce the amount of feed, even feeding.
(2). Correctly adjust the threshing gap, and replace the worn parts in time.
(3). The pulley of the power maize thresher should match the pulley of the thresher. If the pulley is slippery, adjust the tensioner to tighten the belt.
(4). the straw too wet food should be properly ventilated, dried and then threshed.

2. The cleaning rate of corn thresher is low.

(1). Insufficient air volume causes the belt slip, resulting in the fan speed not reaching the index.
(2). The fan pulley screw is loose, forming an idling, and the fan cannot be used normally.
(3).There are too many straws in the threshing drum.
(1). Check the belt tension of the fan, if the tension pulley is too loose, adjust the tensioner properly and tighten the pulley to the appropriate degree; if the fixing screw of the fan pulley is loose, tighten it.
(2). Reduce the amount of feeding corn or adjust the feeding gap.