The problem of working of corn thresher

The production of corn thresher greatly improved the efficiency of demaize work, is artificial demaize on a hundred times, practical strong, is the general friends of rich good helper. However, there are also some problems in the mechanical operation. The problem that many people have heard about is that the operation of corn thresher is not clean, which will lead to the reduction of production, waste of resources, and even more serious economic losses, which will affect the life of our corn thresher.Corn thresher manufacturers today introduce a few tricks to quickly solve the problem of threshing threshing machine, hope to help everyone

一、Threshing is not clean
Cause: The feed amount is too large or the feed is uneven; there is too much threshing gap between the groove and the concave plate; the rotation speed of the drum is too low; the grain is too moist.
Adjustment method: 1, reduce the amount of feed, evenly feed. 2. Correctly adjust the threshing gap, and the parts with serious wear should be replaced in time. 3. The pulley of the power machine should be matched with the pulley of the thresher. If the pulley is slippery, the tensioner should be adjusted to tighten the belt. 4, the straw too wet grain should be properly ventilated, dried and then threshed.
二、Poor cleanliness of grains
Reason: the fan air volume is insufficient, and the fan is too loose, forming belt drive skid, resulting in the fan speed not up to the design index, or because the fan belt pulley screw is loose, forming an empty rotation, unable to drive the fan normally. The amount of stem in the roller is too much.
Adjust and repair method: 1. Check the degree of belt tightness of fan drive; adjust the tensioning wheel properly if it is too loose, and tighten the belt pulley to a proper degree; If the fixed screw of fan belt pulley is loose, it should be tightened. 2. Reduce the feeding amount or adjust the feeding gap properly.
The above corn thresher introduced to you when we use the corn thresher, because of unclean threshing or poor grain cleanliness help farmers friends to do the analysis, but also hope to help more people

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