Kenaf jute hemp cutter extractor machine / Kenaf decorticator

Brief introduction of hemp cutter machine

Our hemp cutter machine is to use to extract the fiber of hemp,jute, kenaf, ramie etc. With two big wheels,machine is easy to move. The cleaning rate can reach 96% without any damage to the fiber itself.

Main structure of hemp cutter machine

Kenaf decorticator is mainly composed of  frame, knife, knife plate, feeding mouth, security cover, double-roller,discharge conveyor belt etc.
The inner part of machine( different angles of rollers)

Application of hemp cutter machine

It can crush the kenaf stalk and get the skin quickly that is very clean. This hemp cutting machine can be be used for hemp, jute,ramie, kenaf etc.

Advantage of hemp cutter machine

1.Compared with traditional peeling way , fresh hemp decorticator
can save much labor and time.
2.Two roller with oblique blades can greatly crush stalk, improving working efficiency.
3.High cleaning rate. The final fiber is very clean
4.High capacity. Its biggest capacity is 150m2/h

Working principle hemp cutter machine.

1.Operator puts the hemp into feeding hopper
2.The hemp goes into the middle of two roller
3.Oblique blades on the rollers powered by motor or diesel engine crush the stalk by constant rotation.
4.The stalks are fully crushed and fibers fly into the rob after several seconds

Matched Power of hemp cutter machine

Kenaf decorticator machine works with 7.5kw motor or 10HP diesel engine.

Technical parameter of hemp cutter machine

Rotary speed of hockey blade1000-1200r/min
Power of motor7.5Kw /(10HP desel engine)
Dirt percentage<0.2%

Lastest successful case of hemp cutting machine

In February, 2019, we sold 1 sets hemp cutting machine to Poland with competitive price. He is a farmer and plants hemp in the recent years,wishing to extract the its fiber. The following picture is the dialogue between our sale manager and him.
Actually, he contacted us in January and placed order from us in February. Our manager solved his problem with great patience and wanted to build a long partnership with him.
The packing pictures are as follow.


1.Why are the two roller of machine oblique?
Oblique two rollers can fully crush the hemp stalks, and separate it and fiber effectively.
2.What are the raw materials of this jute decorticator?
The raw material can be hemp, kenaf, ramie, jute etc.
3.Will the two roller damage the fiber?
No,it won’t damage the fiber because the blades on the roller are blunt.
4.What the final product can be used for?
It can make rope or cloth.
5.Is it suitable for wet and dry hemp?
Yes, it can

Why do you choose us?

You may figure out why do you choose us?
This picture is the stock of hemp fiber extraction machine, and we almost sell more than1000 sets to other countries every year. Frankly, we can produce 500 sets monthly,fully meeting your demand.

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