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This article mainly talks about why sesame must be peeled in certain aspects of food, as well as the method of peeling, and some questions about the sesame peeling machine.

Why Should Sesame Seeds Peel

First of all, it depends on what your sesame is for. Sesame is not peeled in general oil production. In other words, your sesame seeds are used to squeeze oil, so there is no need to peel them. If your sesame seeds are used as food, you need to peel them. Because the sesame seed coat or stratum corneum contains high fiber and oxalate content (approximately 2% to 3%), such meal cannot be used as a protein resource for humans or other monogastric animals, and can only be used as feed for cattle. Therefore, when sesame is used as a portion of food that provides protein resources for humans, it usually requires peeling.

How to Peel Sesame Seeds

The traditional method of sesame peeling and cleaning is to soak the seeds in water to swell the seed, and then use buoyancy sorting to separate the peels from the seeds. During the flotation separation of seeds and peels, brine can be used to adjust the density of water to promote better separation. Hot dilute alkali solutions such as sodium hydroxide, sodium borate, and sodium hypochlorite can be used to loosen or break the sesame seed peels. Another traditional method is to soak the swelled and broken sesame seeds on a wooden board or stone slab, rub and peel them, and then separate the mixture with brine flotation. According to the above principles, there are also mechanical methods for dehulling sesame seeds, that is, the soaked sesame seeds are peeled and washed by a sesame peeling and cleaning machine. The wet seeds are removed from the kernel by friction, and then the mixture is washed with water stream or water spray, and then the skin is sieved from the mixture with a wire mesh.

Some Questions about the Sesame Seed Peeling Machine

Do I have to soak sesame seeds in alkaline water?

Not necessarily. The washed sesame can be peeled directly without using an alkaline blister. This method shortens the time and improves efficiency.

What is the peeling rate of sesame seeds?


What is the hourly production capacity?

Different models have different outputs. The general output is 500kg per hour.

How long is the warranty period?

One year

Sesame Seed Peeling Machine
Sesame Seed Peeling Machine